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Describing the type of music JBoo Tha Bully writes is close to impossible. It could be labeled as Hip-Hop due to the instruments used but the lyrics portray a different story than the music that is prevalent today. His words tell a story reminiscent of the true roots of hip-hop music. If you listen closely you might actually learn something. He infuses world history with his life story to educate and enlighten his listeners. His influences include 2Pac Amaru Shakur, LL Cool J, Rakim, Eazy-E, Ice Cube, and Chuck D. It is apparent in his music that these major hip-hop role players have impacted the nature that his songs are constructed. His style resembles West Coast music however his southern Alabama/Atlanta roots makes its presence known. JBoo Tha Bully has worked with artists such as Droop, Producers ABC Red and Mizark the Shark of Industry Riot Radio ,GatorVision Studios, Mate Bars and Hooks, Renegade Foxxx of Still Hustlin Records and Greg Charlie to name a few. He has sold over 3,000 records independently and has had over 10,000 songs downloaded digitally since 1999. He has had performances throughout the Southeast and West Coast to crowds of over 5,000 people. JBoo Tha Bully was born AJ Johnson June 26, 1981, His musical talents developed at a very young age. It seems that it was his destiny to become a lyrical story teller. I can remember sitting on the floor with my Bro watchin videos wishin well blow buy folks better clothes, move em to a house by a car wearing hella gold. They made us pimps and hoes now we cant let it go feed it to our kids using clowns who cant even flow he says on Radio from The Bully Mixxed CD. Apparently he recognized the power music has on society as a young child. JBoo Tha Bully comes from a musical family. His dad was a blues and jazz musician, producing hit Caribbean Queen which was later stolen by artist Billy Ocean. His mother was a back up singer for Betty Wright and dropped song Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall at that time. It seems that it was natural for music to pour from his heart. We used to get buckets in my granddads garage and beat on them constantly to make beats, JBoo Tha Bully said. We would take turns rapping to whatever beat we made, we would make our girl cousins keep the beat going while we rapped... JBoo Tha Bully began writing when he was just 7. Over time these notebooks have grown into a library of over 60 books. He recorded his first song at home at age 7 with his brothers Droop and Young P. The song, So Alone was played for anyone that would stop to listen. The trio first stepped foot in the studio when JBoo Tha Bully was only 9 years old. They recorded the song Mo Practice while residing in Pensacola, Florida. From that moment on he decided that he would officially begin his recording career. JBoo Tha Bully has recorded with several industry artists that have helped his resume develop into a very promising one. Some would be surprised that this young man is a reader, interested in Black history, politics and culture. The growth and progression of the African American race is among one of his many passions. The Shrine of the Black Madonna located in downtown Atlanta which hosts the Black Holocaust exhibit is one of his frequent sites for enlightenment. Many of his fans compare him to 2Pac Shakur. One day I saw this man and he was like, I cant write, he took a trip to California, came back, and hasnt stopped writing since. One thing I can say about him is, If he didnt do it, he wont say it, said Mate Bars and Hooks. If you listen to his words you learn of a man that has endured thug life. He has had experiences that some might not live or even have the heart to go through.... He has come out triumphant. It can be said that he has angels on his shoulders. Look closely and you just might see one. JBoo Tha Bullys albums give off the anger and frustration that a young man is forced to go through everyday. From family, love and politics to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Its all there. You can find what you (hip-hop) have been missing in JBoo Tha Bully. March 2009 proved to be yet another trying time in the life of Tha Bully. JBoo Tha Bully along with his Angels looked 46 years in the face and came out on top! Lawyers, Guns, Drugs, Money, and disloyal associates couldnt even stand in his way. This was yet another victorious moment in his life. Another milestone that will add to the heat that he has already been dropping on albums for over 21 years. November 30, 2009 he hit the streets and hasnt stopped yet. Radio interviews, performances, movie cameos include a few of his recent endeavors. Still cognizant of his ever changing surroundings JBoo Tha Bully is preparing for an industry take over. So get ready because he is every where. As he would say You better watch me.

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Describing the type of music JBoo Tha Bully writes is close to impossible. It could be labeled as… View More