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Just a good old gamer and tech geek I test alot of things, from photoshop to movie editing to comedy and bla bla..i guess you can say i'm more of an artistic person (drawing penises on MSN) Currently 24 years old very manly man (no i'm a sissy) Live between france, usa and germany (i got long legs to travel that distance) Fluent in French, english and german, but a little less in german lately cause don't talk that much, even tho french is my native language i'm doing better in english (probably cause of being a nolife) Here are a few of my links: My website and forums (under construction) http://jsfey.free.fr My youtube http://www.youtube.com/falmatrix2r My DeviantArt http://falmatrix2r.deviantart.com My TS3 Server ts3.ojoc.org:51432 My Facebook http://www.facebook.com/falmatrix2r My Twitter http://twitter.com/jsfey WordPress/MSN Space http://jsfey.wordpress.com/ My 1st blog ever... http://falmatrix2r.skyrock.com/ Gravatar Page http://gravatar.com/jsfey My Steam jsfey or falmatrix2r

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