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JERSEY’s OWN CORONA KING, DJ T RIZZ, has DJed all over the NJ/NYC Tri State area. He’s opened for big time DJs like Jonathan Peters, and gigged at World Famous Pacha, Crobar, Avalon, Webster Hall, Copacabanna & Exit. OK…so he’s cut his chops. Now it’s time to put ON da RIZZ! Time for exposure via FM Radio, via his mixtape and CD releases, and via his weekly internet radio show…all currently in production. Yup, he’s a very busy boi!! DJ T RIZZ explores it all… Hip Hop, Reggae, Reaggeaton, Latin (Salsa, Bachata, Merengue) & Old Skool Hits. And does it all oh, so well! From his earliest teen years, DJ T RIZZ has been in LOVE with all types of music. It’s a classic story. Music’s been his life’s motivator. He began his DJ career at 19, with coaching from his good bud DJ Ricky Chinn. You know…the basics. From there, it was simple passion. RIZZ was living his dream. Saving up, he got his own gear, kept up to date on new music, Old School, all of it! To help pay for it all, he began promoting “Teen Nights” and 18+ events for Pure Nite Life, merging his passion for the music with an all encompassing life style steeped in that music. But it’s his absolute need to perform and guide the tastes and moods of he crowd that have driven him into the booth. From his debut as a DJ the word has gone out.T RIZZ is a true talent! From his first Block Party in Hoboken, through John Santos’s Club Pass 2, One4All Entertainment’s Pure Nite Life and Xscape Nite Life, he’s evolved. And also recently teaming up with Saint Sounds Ent, SmoothFella Ent and KingPin & GoodFella Promotions. He can’t help it…it’s like watching nature grow! He’s done some pretty fabulous gigs with Manny Mills, at Mills Entertainment, Young Quest, Yoe Crew and all of the key events for Club Pass 2. He’s been instrumental in his work with Soundcore Entertainment and begun reaching out online via his Internet Radio shows. The point is, that DJ T RIZZ is just on the verge of exploding out of the Tri-State area, and into the world at large. Why? Because DJ T RIZZ may just be leading the charge of music for the future. He has that intrinsic knowledge of the traditional…the Old School…but knows how to merge it with the new…Reggeaton, Salsa, Bachata & Merengue. It’s a changing world and music’s changing with it! RIZZ…like the music…is on the MOVE. He can’t help it. It’s his passion. And we all know that passion drives change. Watch out…the new world of music is definitely “puttin’ on da RIZZ!” FOR MORE INFO ON JERSEY OWN DJ T-RIZZ/BOOKINGS/ETC: DJTRIZZ@GMAIL.COM .. DJTRIZZ

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