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ABOUT ME My name is David Alboniga. I’m a 24 year old aspiring R&B singer/rapper. I currently live in Los Angeles, California, but was born in New York. I attended school at Everest College in Los Angeles majoring in (MAA) Medical Administrating assisting. Alongside my singing/rapping career, I’m also an aspiring model and dancer. I mostly record R&B, and look forward to releasing my debut album as a solo artist in the near future. Besides singing, rapping, modeling, and dancing, I’m much like your average twenty year old. I like to hang out with my friends and have fun. I live by the philosophy as a human being to achieve my life’s goals in a spirit of humility derived from a humble heart. But as a talent, I enjoy the thrill of conquering overwhelming challenges that exude defeat. With a bold heart and a competitive edge fueled by courage, I morph, I am D Melody. With that said, my strengths have enrolled me into a secure realm of confidence, and my weaknesses escort me into the vivid sphere of possibilities. And with a strong composition of the two, a big and successful career is promising.