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A r l e t t a S a a f i r The Sensual UNLEASHEDMENT Expert Arletta Saafir is a passionate healer dedicated to facilitating women’s empowerment through reconnecting with lush feminine energy and sensual authenticity. A multi-talented seeker of ultimate expression, consummate bloghost of ArlettaUNLEASHED and self-styled former feminist and misogynist Arletta Saafir was born in Cincinnati, OH, grew up in South Central Los Angeles, moved to Texas at the age of 13, she completed highschool and attended college there. Arletta graduated with honors from Prairie View A&M University with degrees in English and Mathematics. She currently lives in Atlanta. Ushering transformation and evolution. Arletta’s inviting female empowerment through unleashing their feminine is her destiny. When she isn't blogging and she is writing poetry, reading voraciously or taking flying lessons while consciously crafting her ideal reality. She has published three poetry collections, is Co-editor of WALKING IN THE FEMININE: Stepping into our Shoes Anthology, CEO of The UNLEASHEDment Company,and is currently completing her book UNLEASHEDMENT: A 90 Day Sensual Guide to Awakening the Feminine.

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