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Here is a divine story of an artist that already started painting in de womb of her mother. Her first real brushes were her tiny fingers and the colour of her first paint was red. I observed everything and stored it in my head and, when I was a little older, only then I began printing these images. My works exist from my hands, just like that, and every time it is a surprise and an exiting feeling, that takes me to an other reality, do you understand me? Images come into existence on my canvas. They exist and that makes them intriguing and interesting. Like the birth of an animal or a the seed of a plant this… remains miraculous to me. Tempting, entrancing, they are calling me when I stare at them. More and more I start to see in my works and I even begin to hear sounds just by looking at them. I travel trough my creations to a different world. First I go through the pain and the joy that I can see on the canvas. But then, I do not let my self be scared and I go on and on … Then I enter the world I would like to see and where I feel good and safe. My works tell me interesting stories and give me many ideas, but also questions, like: why can so many people on this planet live on this world and destroy it instead of improving it? Does that make the human being an unintelligent creature? Yes, of course! That is why I need to unload my sorrow and joy and want to express it to the outer world. I don't want anyone to forget that we are responsible for the pollution on this planet and that it is up to us to clean the planet again before the world is all messed up with roads, tunnels, houses, factories and will be even more polluted by the use of environmentally damaging products. I want people to see a glimpse of happiness and passion for all life in my works. Rediscovering the rawness, the pureness and the estrangement of themselves in the art of now! I would like people to read exceptional stories in my works and be inspired just like I am, but most of all hear those questions that can wander around in your head for days. Life is something we have to undergo and for the death it is the same. I want to live and yet sometimes be dead. Many things in life are unequally divided like poverty and wealth. This is what I paint about. My works keep me alive. The universa, our planet, the animals, the plants and humans inspire me enormously. By living, hearing, feeling, smelling and observing as intensely as possible, I am touched and from that state of mind, my works of art are created. Without my art I am nothing and I cannot exist. Life, from the beginning, has been my education, and.. still is.. Death, love, poverty, hate, happiness, birth, sickness, pain and grieve of the friends and people I meet on my path, everyone has at least one of these moments in their lives. That is what makes life life! When a friend of mine is in pain, I feel that pain in my entire body and I begin painting that pain. When a friend or someone I meet on the street is happy, I paint about that. I want to paint about life, portray the emotions of animals, plants and human beings. They fascinate me! I want to understand the energy of the universa and our planet earth, I want to discover her and learn from her, I want to protect her against the destruction of mankind. I treat my works as if it were my beloved one and I start loving her more every day. Every painting is part of my soul and each one is has her own story to tell. Many people consider my work colourful, happy, innocent, pure, universal, accessible, powerful. My works remind some of Jean Michel Basquiat, Corneille, Karel Appel, Frida Kahlo, Jackson Pollock, Andy Warhol, Keith Harris, Anton Heyboer and Herman Brood. But the most beautiful and important of what I hear from people is: 'they are genuine Yby Potlatch creations!' Yby (www.ybypotlatch.com)

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