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Celebrate Life! GIVE.GOD.PRAISE. This Show will also be aired on Time Warner Cable Access Channel 20 EACH WEDNESDAY 10:30pm - 11:30pm presented to all walks of life. We want to reach the Broken the Unwanted...and general public... We are speaking to all youth. We believe that God can do anything but fail. And we believe youth have Purpose and Destiny they need birthed out. We will present topic's with Biblical foundations, along with Inspirational Music, Video's, the Preached word,Interviews, we will do live on Location shows . This show is called Celebrate Life! GIVE.GOD.PRAISE. based on Ps. 150:6 and is sponsored by GENERATION-NEX,Inc. a Non for Profit faith based organization. We are a ministry that will offer support,empowerment, mentoring and; encouragement. Speaking to Broken Women, Creative Youth and those Re-entering society from incarceration. We also offer a Radio Talk show called Youth Prison Prevention and Re-Entry Ministry... Speaking to those that need to turn their life around. We offer Compassion,Commitment, and Connection. This Ministry will speak Life into your Dead Situation....By a word ,song or deed. Speaking the Real Truth about the Matter...Making Reality Plain. Scripture Bases: Luke 4:18,19

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