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Jonathan “TheBeatStillJK” Kelley is a Member of Est. 19Eighty-Two Inc. and he also serves, as the in-house producer for Est. 19Eighty-Two Inc. TheBeatStillJK is an upcoming producer who is quickly making a name for himself with his unique sound and bass rattling drum patterns. Producing for some of the best talent in the Bay Area, Florida & Atlanta his catalog includes production credits featuring artist such as: Phia La’Mour, Di’No, AR The Bad Guy, Mistah Fab, The HoodStarz, Philthy Rich, Willie Joe, Marc Johnson, U$O, Judicial, Katherine Romano, Beeda Weeda, Big Head & Be Iconic. TheBeatStillJK is currently working on production for several artists and looks to make an even bigger impact on the music industry in 2012. Be sure to look out for this breakout producer, as he becomes a household name of the future. TheBeatStillJK Producer for Est. 19Eighty-Two Inc.

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