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An up and coming R&B artist, ready to prove to the world that he is here to make hits and show diversity in all of his music. The voice of Ash Street lives in Teddy D. From a young age, Teddy D has been playing the piano, writing music and contemplating his place in R&B. His mother, Carol Young, has always served as motivation for him. The absence of his father, Henry Young, has never slowed him down or discouraged him. Coming from a family of six brothers, a devoted mother and extended family(friends), that have always pushed him to follow his dreams, he appreciates all of their overwhelming support, prayers and encouragement and uses them as one of the sources of his inspiration. Armed with a striking stage presence, if anyone had to describe Teddy D, it would probably be soulful and 'exactly what the music industry needs'. His ear for Neo-Soul/R&B is what makes his music a big breath of fresh air. "I feel as if R&B is confused right now, so I am putting in work to change that." His vocal ability and diversity within his mixtapes has caught the attention of A&Rs and Talent Agents alike.

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