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I am passionate about all raptors but Peregrine Falcon is my ultimate, all time favorite. ~~~~ It all started in approximately 1960 when a Falconer brought a young female Peregrine to our school (Grade 6 or so) & explained a very bleak & uncertain future for her species, due to widespread use of chemical pesticides. ~~~~ My heart melted at this sad, sad story & our classroom lovingly named her Cobalt for her dark blue / grey color. I have had a passionate place in my heart for the Peregrine Falcon ever since and have faithfully followed their recovery from the brink of extinction. ~~~~ Thanks to the banning of the pesticide DDT in Canada & the USA in the 1970’s, and to the tireless work of people like Bob Anderson & Dr. Gordon Court, they have made a dramatic comeback. ~~~~ We have amazingly come from 1 pair of Peregrine Falcons left in Alberta in the 1970’s to an estimated 70 breeding pairs of today. A miraculous recovery, but there is still much to do.

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