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The short lived east coast, moved to LAs Vegas for 10 years, now living in Portland, OR. Born to two paddle boats, living under the Lincoln memorial in Washington, D.C. Rustryu grew up eating popcorn and flossing his teeth with 35mm film. His education took place completely in the Smithsonian Museums and National archives, under the tutelage of Mr. and Mrs. Talking Marmot. Later Rustryu was moved to Richmond, Va. by a group of entrepreneurs that mistook him for a Yogurt shop. When the...y realized their mistake they released Rustryu into the wilds of "the fan" near "VCU" where Rustryu developed a nasty addiction to huffing conte crayons. This resulted in the mugging of many "art school" students. During a journey to Philly, Rustryu had a spiritual vision while eating a Pentium II stuffed crepe that he had to move to the desert. He now resides in Las Vegas and makes a living handing out shop vacs covered with political propaganda on "the strip." want to find me just google "rustryu" or "rust ryu" either will lead trails to my internet door.

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