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Rico "Ricwil" Williams, born in Augusta, GA, comes to you bringing the soulful sounds of love making, heartache, love lost and love found. Growing up in church for him has had a major effect in his life. He says "...singing in church was my outlet for everything. whatever emotions I held inside for that week for whatever reason, I let it all out through singing for the Lord." Ricwil later on went on to Toledo, Ohio to where he found producers of OPM MUSIC WERX LLC., Simon Phoenix and Charlie Numbas. He soon met with Chief Network and Citizen Kane of "Tomahawk Records LLC." and performed in local talent shows in Toledo, OH and Cleveland, OH in an audience of about 400+ people and rocked the house! Ricwil had then realized how much people had taken to his voice and his writings as a song artist. "With his album "30 WAYS" complete, Ricwil is now close to completion of his new album "COME BACK HOME".

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