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™Ill probably never understand ya ways With everyday I swear I FEEL ya Maybe it's the way I played it in my heart Cause after all the FIGHT and REGRETS Nothing but my dreams matter ANYMORE ™ Its still tha same name LadyBUT new dip, new shoes Man, you know da game, same shit different hoes CAN PROUDLY SAY IM TIRED OF SUM SHIT AND NOW THAT IM SWITCHIN UP ON EM TO BETTER MYSELF THEY SUMWHERE TALKING bOUT HOW I CHANGED UP AND BY YOU SAYING THAT IM QUESTIONING IF YOU EVER KNEW ME AT ALL So I live by TWO words, "Fuckyou, payme" I took the road less traveled, the unbeaten path When you walk straight, MOST tend to look at you sideways I say, Fuck that dog, I get my own way AINT COCKY BUT SHIT IF THE NIGGA don't like ME WELL SHIT how long has he been gAY Somebody told me that success was the best revenge, SO YOU KNOW DEY GONA HETE WHEN I DO MY THANG ON EM And they know they hatin' - but what they don't know is They are my motivation, they are my inspiration Cause D 's CREW leaders & they the followers, And we the nut-bustaz' & they the swallowers' They are the rumors; they are the lies, We are the shit dog & they the flies How you gonna tell me how to live my life, And ya can't even get'cha own shit tight - right? They are the misery, that love company, Cause that comfortable, BULLSHIT MONEY can't comfort me Can't kill D's dreams so they WILL assassinate MY character Do anything to down-play ME or embarrass ME Come around with ME but they ain't down FOR SHIT And when it comes down to it, I'm a ride for my team FUCK ALL THEM FAKES I WON't play MYSELF again ShIT ILL just be my own best friend Not fuck myself in the head with stupid men AND fake bitches YALL GOT A LOT MORE TO WORRY ABOUT THAN ME SO NAW I AINT TRIPPIN NOPE NOT AT ALL BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY DO YOU

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