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Im a talented your lady .. I Love mindless behavior SOOOOO much .. the omg girlz they really inspire me i really know how to sing and it would be really surprising if some one let me sing with them i really want to make it up to the top like every one else that is singing or rapping i have a lot to take care of to be my age and it would be REALLY BE GREAT if i meet the omg girlz and mindless behavior and sing with them ... PLEASE JUST give me a CHANCE i really wanna show you my talent if you guys cant see it how am i EVER going to get anywhere i dont know any one who make a studio or nothing so i really dont know how im going to get that far .... IM ALSO A LEO MY BDAY IS AUGUST 19TH AND I LOVEEEEEE THE COLOR BLUE AND ME AND ROC WILL MAKE A CUTE COUPLE !!!

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