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Mike Ohio “The Heart of it All” will turn 24 on April 5, 2011. He has been working on his music for more than half his life. Hailing from Ohio’s first capital, Chillicothe, he grew up in the East End of town known as “The Presidential Split“. It is a poverty stricken area with the immanent thought of never making it out. From the street of Jefferson Avenue emerges a skinny, pale, deprived, white boy. His desire and determination to succeed surpasses his small mal-nutrition frame. His grandmother finally scraped together enough money to get early 1990’s basic cable and the first sounds of Hip Hop inspired him and changed his life forever. Early on he started with freestyle ciphers in the back alleys and at house parties. He noticed everything around him stayed the same. The fun of rhyming when you are drunk ran out. There was a lack of representation not only in this city, but statewide as well. So he decided this was to be his calling. Struggling with the pressures of growing up and not having the means to live like others, moving from house to house made his options smaller as the years went by. He decided to take matters into his own hands and utilize one of his many talents, music. One day after school during his senior year, he came home to find 3 of his dogs shot, all of his furniture and belongings gone, and his mom and step-father nowhere to be found. He was left with nothing, no one, and no idea what to do. Using the last minutes on his pre-paid phone he took a long shot and called his aunt who lives in Greenfield, Ohio. Thank goodness she let him live there to finish up high-school. He arrived to his new residence and saw that his younger cousin had acquired a music program known as Hip Hop Ejay 2. With this spawns the beginning of his recording and a music revolution. In the spring of 2005 with graduation approaching, he records his first single entitled, “Down and Out Remix”. Not knowing any marketing strategy at the time, he distributes the one and only CD. From that point on, every listener within a 5 county radius had a copy in their CD deck. In an unbelievable chain of events, this single took his artistry to new heights. He was now on his way to being famous in a small town. For a skinny, pale, white boy, his name was growing big in size. 7th Street District ENT now had local backing and the time was right for him to seize the moment. The next years were filled with working overtime, above and beyond expectations on his dream. He now has a collection of over 100 songs, 4 mix tapes, and countless production on other artists material. He runs 15 social networking sites in the name of Mike Ohio. He has his own fully operational recording studio with regular clients. State wide he is the premier artist and locally a phenomenon. The possibilities are endless and he will not stop until the music world recognizes he is a force to behold! Mike Ohio, The Heart of It All. He is an Ohio native, born a hip hop prodigy striving for excellence in all he does. With supreme talent and a high quality product he inspires the hearts and minds of all who hear him. He represents the people who are struggling to make a buck just to feed their family. The people who want to live life and have a good time, and for those people who aren’t afraid of where they came from and who they really are. He gives a voice to the people to tell the world the way they feel about controversial topics, bringing them to a down to an honest level. Don’t mistake him for a gangster, a dancer or a digital rapper. He doesn’t carry a gun, he is white so he can’t dance, and he damn sure doesn’t live on Mars. Most people say their music speaks for itself. Mike Ohio speaks for his music. To say he is the future would be an understatement because his time is now!

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