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Joined: April 28, 2010 Maximilian Schnauzers is the Place where the History of the almost extinct Parti-colored Schnauzers is being resurrected. Parti Schnauzers are NOT DESIGNER DOGS. They are true Schnauzers and registrable with AKC!!! The original parti-colored Miniature Schnauzers were found in Germany 1929. Unfortunately, lots of the Parti Schnauzer's breed history was destroyed during World War II in Germany. I am German. Therefore, it has become my mission to help resurrect all those lost Schnauzer colors and educate people who believe that there is no such thing as a Parti Schnauzer. YES, THERE IS! PARTI SCHNAUZER HISTORY In 1880 Germany published it's first Schnauzer Standards and listed "white with black Patches" at the end of the color catalog. It appears that Schnauzers with white and black patches existed back then althought not in large quantities, because the first book of breeds does not contain a single Schnauzer with this color pattern. Furthermore, the subject of patched dogs was not raised by Schnauzer enthusiasts until the 1930s. However, on September 4, 1929, a litter of black miniature Schnauzers was born at the "Abbagamba" kennel belonging to Countess v. Kanitz in Podangen (East Prussia), Germany. This litter included three white and black parti (schecken in German) puppies. The parents of these puppies had demonstrably been purebred black for six generations (although nobody knows whether these six generations already contained animals with large white patterns which were quickly removed by the breeders). The Countess was certain that no "misalliance" had taken place – as was implied bluntly on several occasions – and she decided to take a chance breeding these parti (schecken) dogs. She did the only sensible thing: pairing the siblings "Ilfis" and "Isluga". The mating produced the three parti (Schecken) Puppies "Moira," "Modiala," and "Medina," just as anyone with the slightest background in genetics would have predicted. Another incestuous mating involving the dogs "Liara" and "Leander" from the second generation of parti (schecken) dogs again produced six beautifully developed Parti (schecken) puppies. This was proof that pure breeding of parti (schecken) dogs was possible. The club members viewed this phenomenon with skepticism. Litters of purebred black parents commonly produce puppies with white markings on the toe tips, at the chin, on the chest and at the tip of the tail. This is caused by the so-called "prenatal pigment stop."These markings disappear in the first few weeks. However, this is often the beginning of the parti (schecken) pattern and if animals with these permanent white patches are mating with one another, the markings of the offspring will normally be significantly larger than those the parents have. The disposition for white patches is recessively inherited. Paired with an animal without this disposition, the parti (schecken) pattern does not appear because the disposition for full pigmentation dominates over the disposition for white patches. However, the disposition can be imparted invisibly from single-colored animals across several generations until one day - as luck would have it – a carrier of this genetic trait mates with a partner whose genetic material also contains this disposition. In 1933, during the general meeting of the Schnauzer-Pinscher Club, the German group "Ostland" asked for recognition of the parti (schecken) dogs of Countess Kanitz, which had meanwhile been purebred for three generations. However, the meeting rejected the request, reasoning, " this creation or emergence of Patched Dogs contradicts to the rules is not yet scientifically proven. The Breed Standards were set early on by a group of enthusiasts who simply decided they liked this or that and thus "outlawed" any "off" colors. Sadly, Colored Miniature Schnauzer were not desired and many litters were destroyed. This led to the near extinction of the partis and all those other colors. Even today, Breeders who are breeding for the show ring still do all they can to eradicate the non-official colors from their lines. This has led to an unfortunate attitude of “color-prejudice” against colored Miniature Schnauzers within such circles. While they are disqualified from the show ring, such dogs are recognized as purebreds by the AKC (American Kennel Association). So, while Parti Schnauzers can’t compete in the Show Ring, there is nothing wrong with the colors as many like to argue. They are 100% purebred Schnauzer!!! Maximilian Schnauzers will not let the History of the Parti Schnauzers be forgotten. I hope that someday in the near future, the Parti Schnauzers will win their rights to be in the confirmation show rings because they contributed and are a part of the "Miniature Schnauzer History" Maximilian Schnauzers is committed to breeding only the highest quality of AKC registered Teacups, Toys and Miniature Schnauzers of rare colors that you can't find anywhere. Each puppy enters this world with my care and love. My dogs and puppies are well socialized, raised in my home and never kenneled. All puppies are handled and loved everyday from the minute they are born. Puppies will come pre-spoiled, pre-housebroken and ready for you to love. Schnauzers are amazing and are non-shedding and hypoallergenic! They are wonderful family pets, very intelligent and loyal with lots of love to give to you. Schnauzers love kids and are very gentle with them. They are healthy and hardy and make a great watch dog. All my parti Schnauzers are eligible for registration with the AKC but are not allowed to be shown in conformation.

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