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I am a singer, songwriter, & DJ/Producer. I've worked musical magic with Stacy Kidd on several different record labels. I've also worked with The Galaktik Knights, Glen underground, I have a release out called "Beyond Existance" on Stacys new found label House 4 Life Records. I'm currently in the studio working on our next release called "Thinking Of You" - Soul Element feat. Matthew Yates be on the look out for that. I have a remix I did for Soul4orce called Sacrifice along with David Sabat, DJ Sean Ali (DJ Shadow), feat. Sheree Hicks. Also "The Movement 2" - Stacy Kidd feat Matthew Yates that's out as well. Also "Electricity" - Stacy Kidd feat. Sheree Hicks a very hot single right now. I have a couple of projects that I'm working on as well for producers out of South Africa for Tisetso Ntsheno called Siphethi Zulu ngezandia and a track called "Nothing I Won't Do. I'm working with Siyanda Sapho also out of South Africa as well, I'm working on a track for him now, I have no title as of yet. If you haven't gone to my musician page please do so and click the like button. "House 4 Life!!!!" Matthew Yates

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