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This is a tribute to life. Sometimes we forget about how lucky we are to be given the gift of life. We have forgotten how short life is. Most importantly we don't remember how to live. As we wake up every day and prepare for our daily routines, we neglect the promises we once made to ourselves long ago. Prior to loosing motivation for experience and exploration, we were born to appreciate the miracle this world is made up of. The miracle of art in all forms... Creation, Invention, Dreaming, Freedom and Love for our selves and one-another. Come celebrate the sound of life. We can show you how to rediscover yourself by exploring imagination once lost. I AM creates underground experiences for people that care about entertainment value. Our group has been producing events and shows for over 6 years. Some of you might remember a few private events with our friends at CANALE, THE HANGER, ROCKWELL, CHINATOWN, and PANORAMA ROOM. and versus. I AM House TV is about quality underground music, but it is also about managing expectations and finding a balance between supply and demand. Please send us your info to iamhousetv@gmail.com and how you came to know about us and we will get back to you with our calendar and invitations to our private events.

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