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Aniesia's exceptional and professional experience managing projects, extends from the corporate world into the entertainment and media community. She holds expertise in managing, negotiating, and drafting multi-million-dollar contracts for major projects to include engineering and IT fields. This has lead her to be sought out by a diverse group of clientele. Aniesia turned the knowledge of managing, planning, organizing and leading projects, into a boutique consulting firm, The Beleza Group, with many partners that have been instrumental in her success. Aniesia takes great pride in being the face of the company by keeping a hand in non-profit events, providing media coverage through on-camera interviews, television, and print. She continues to give those in her community and across the world a voice and will not stop at her quest to be a blessing to others. Aniesia has gained a solid reputation among her colleagues and clients. She is an excellent executive, with a rare balance of true leadership skills. For inquires, Please E-mail: team@belezagroup.com

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