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Producing all forms of electronic, bass and dance music but mostly known for their deep, heavy and intricate dubstep tunes, Daega Sound also perform as a Live PA duo and DJ duo. Laying a steady foundation with performances at Stalwart Canadian festivals such as Mutek, New Forms Festival, Shambhala and Bass Coast they have gone on to perform internationally all the way to Dubloaded, Pinch's cutting edge bass music monthly in Bristol, UK. As well as heading up their own newly minted record label Fathom Recordings Daega has digital releases on UK Garage and 2-Step legend Noodles (Groove Chronicles) label DPR, DFRNT's Echo Dub, Mutek Comp 2011, San Francisco's bass-centric Blipswitch and Noah Pred's techno/bass music label Thoughtless recordings. Also two 12" releases on out their own label Fathom Recordings and Texas based label Formant Recordings. 2012 so far has releases slotted for DPR, CarCrashSet, Fathom, Crude Records and a remix of Mat the Alien for his label, REALLY GOOD. Sean-Michael Yoder from IBIZA VOICE offers this insight on Daega Sound - "There is a sense of depth and originality to be found without a sacrifice in the off-kilter rhythms and brute force that comprise the best the new form has to offer."


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