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THE COTRICE COLLECTION reveals a fresh new take as we dive into this world of fashion. Whether the inspiration is textile prints, wood, metal, paper, or a new plastic, her depth of cultural knowledge is always apparent. A constant search for new ideas and challenges keeps her line ahead of the times. The energy and creativity of her runway presentations and magazine editorials have turned on the likes of recording artists and entertainers. In 2011, Cotrice's success to date reveals her talent on Lifetime's Television show, Project Accessory. In 2010, Cotrice was recognized as Best Costume Designer at the Atlanta Fashion Awards. In 2009, Cotrice was inducted into the Milwaukee Public Art Museums Hall of Fame. In 2006, Cotrice was featured in the New York Times as the opening designer in Brooklyn Fashion Weekend’s Premier show. In 2004, she received Designer of the Year Award in Atlanta, Georgia. Since 2004, Cotrice’s cornucopia of art, clothing and jewelry has been sold in over 50 stores across the country, featured on VH1 and the MTV Awards in New York, and has adorned numerous celebrities. The press list for Cotrice continues, as her drive and determination won’t stop here.

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