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My music passion began at 4 playing drums. My brother influenced me to play Jazz and Funk. I’d play with any radio, or TV show. I played in church at 8 & by 12, I started thinking about a music career. At 12, I started drum class & learned how to read drum music. At 15 my dad bought me a 4 track recorder & Casio keyboard. I was in High School band since 8th grade, first chair drums through High School. Then I met Miztaklean, & Tauros. We won local Talent Shows, released two albums with many singles. We also worked with local artists like a High School friend named Jason Powers A.K.A eHLZi at the time. By 18, I made a bank loan & bought equipment for a pre-production studio in my Dad’s basement, & made a local name for ourselves. In 1997, I moved to Atlanta, GA, and met then unknown artists like a 15yr old Lil’ Zane, & had a short stint with Knight Star Records. A year later, I flew to the west coast & worked with producer Stone (Tha Lunatic) who worked with Ice Cube, & Eazy E. After working with Stone, then Boss (Def Jam West), & also Leggs Diamond Entertainment's artists. Today, I completed Tauros' (King Of Hearts) & my own (WerkOutMuzik/Quitting is Not in My DNA). I owe my life to Jesus, for if not for him I wouldn’t have gotten this far.

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