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The Dogon representation of ‘Sirius’ as reported by Marcel Griaule and Germaine Dieterlen, drawn by Ogotemmêli. The oval represents Amma, the primordial egg and contains: A: Sigu tolo (identified as Sirius) B: Pô tolo, the object equated with Sirius B, shown in two positions C: Emme Ya, the sun of women, equated with Sirius C D: The Nommo, Masters of Water E: The Yourougou, a mythical male figure destined to pursue his female twin turned into the Pale Fox as punishment, his ancestors represents the evil that roams the earth … F: The star of women, a satellite of Emma Ya G: The sign of women H: Woman’s reproductive organs, represented by a uterus, the womb ‘shape’, The whole system is enclosed in an oval, representing the egg of the world.” The oval is “the great placenta from which have emerged, in the course of time, all space, all living beings, and everything in the world.

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