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I have been dancing Salsa On 2 since the age of 10. It all started with my parents who were both professional dancers in the" The Revelation Dance Company". I would go to classes and little by little I learned the basic steps... And continued dancing, But... I never dreamed I would be in a group myself one day let alone instruct salsa!. I joined The "Tropical Image Dance Company".. after I had made The auditions in 2003. I Had continued with them for the next 2 years performing , and training to be a Dance Instructor for the company. When i finally began teaching I was put to instruct Adults (Shines / Partner Work ) Teens, and children (Beginner-Intermediate)... which was a HUGE experience for me!.. But, I wanted to move on to bigger and better things. So to keep busy in the summer of 05' I Trained with a dancer from" Vittico's - La Magia dancers" in the Bronx to put on 3 performances , while performing with "Mambo 101 Dance Studios " and was offered a job as a dance instructor there . That was of course until... I Auditioned for the "Piel Canela Dance Company" (June,2005) , one of the BEST DANCE COMPANIES out there. " Where I continue to grow, laugh, live, and dance.....

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