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Paperchaser! FRISCO CAT.. Traveled through many circles, and carry them all on my bacc.. I put my heart into folks and everything I do. Hip Hop HEAD, dancer and respect all styles of dance. Rep my city (SFC) all day everyday, ask anyone! Through good actions, grindin' and hustlin' (all good things). I'm Not high on myself, but I like to spread that Bay love and let folks know how my home is, It's called PRIDE! 'All Fun, No Stress, No Drama' That's all I want. I'm Just BLUE Just a little bit moe.. From that SFC SUCCAFREE CITY/ FILLMOE / KO/ BANGED out TLC through them L's down 6strip MC (you know what it is), Wrote' FLICC / FLK / KF, TMD, SGM, IH, GRS, EK, KSUN, STILL NO FEAR PHAM(NFP) don't get it twisted folkers, fam will stay fam. That's how we grew up. Renegade Rockers aka RENEGADES CREW / KNT KNUCCLE NECK TRIBE / X MARIO BROS AND Watch for the YAY AREA BLOCC BURNERS MOTORCYCLE CLUB, bringin bikes to a hood near you! DP SOUND / MASSIVE DirtyBridges Crew roccin ya club ish! I'm BLUE

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