Everything you need for a professional broadcast.
Perfect for presentations, concerts, sports, webinars or worship.

  • Single camera broadcasting
  • Record streams to Ustream
  • Add graphics, videos and music
  • Desktop Presenter screen capture
  • HD broadcasting
  • Multi-camera broadcasting
  • Record to local hard drive
  • Title and shot editor
  • Audio mixer
  • Audio sync delay
  • Scoreboard
Producer Prices & Features
Producer Producer Studio Producer Pro
Pricing Free $199 $549

for Windows 7 or later
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for Mac OS X 10.7 or later
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Single camera broadcasting Yes Yes Yes
Record streams to Ustream Yes Yes Yes
Add graphics, videos and music Yes Yes Yes
Desktop Presenter screen capture Yes Yes Yes
HD broadcasting No Yes Yes
Multi-camera broadcasting No Yes Yes
Record to local hard drive No Yes Yes
Title and shot editor No Yes Yes
Audio mixer No No Yes
Audio sync delay No No Yes
Scoreboard No No Yes

Add graphics, videos
and music

Simply drag and drop any file from your computer into Producer for easy multimedia broadcasts. Create opening slates, layer background music and incorporate pre-recorded clips with your live camera shots.

Add graphics, videos and music

Broadcast PowerPoint and Keynote presentations

Using Producer’s powerful built-in screen capture utility, Desktop Presenter, you can easily share PowerPoint or Keynote presentations or broadcast anything on your computer screen. Desktop Presenter can also be installed on any computer on your network and you can share screens across a shared wireless or LAN.

Broadcast PowerPoint presentations Broadcast Keynote presentations

Add remote guests via
video chat

Guests can join your broadcast via Skype, iChat or any video chat application. Producer’s built-in Desktop Presenter utility can capture both video and audio from any video chat application.

Add remote guests via video chat

HD Broadcasting

Producer allows you to broadcast up to 1080p and uses the highest quality h.264 / AAC encoding for crystal-clear, broadcast quality HD streaming.

HD Broadcasting

Multi-camera switching

With supported capture cards, you can connect multiple USB, HDMI, SDI or analog video sources and easily switch cameras with the click of your mouse.

Multi-camera switching

Titles, Layers,

An advanced shot editor in Producer allows you to create titles on-the-fly, construct custom picture-in-picture looks or easily add a custom logo watermark to your stream.

Titles, Layers, Picture-In-Picture

Chroma key, including
virtual sets

Transform any room or studio equipped with a simple green screen into a professional broadcast studio using Producer’s chroma key and virtual set technology.

Chroma key, including virtual sets