Ustream.TV Launches New Live Video Platform; Empowers Broadcasters and Improves Viewer Experience

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Los Altos, Calif – December 21, 2007 –

Ustream.TV (, a web-based live video broadcasting platform, today announced new features that empower broadcasters and enhance the viewing experience. Multiple streams on a single show page, designated show networks, and customizable show features make broadcasting live video on Ustream.TV more dynamic and create a more rewarding viewer experience.

“We are very excited about putting more power into the hands of Ustream.TV broadcasters,” said CTO Tim Villanueva. “These new features really set the standard for today’s online video broadcasting experience.”

With 115,000 total broadcasters creating more than 5,000 hours of original live content every day, Ustream.TV strives to offer the most effective broadcasting platform and compelling live video viewing experience online today. Each of the new features were created to improve the organization, distribution and general usability of the Ustream.TV site while giving broadcasters as much creativity and control over the platform as possible. New features include:

Designated Show Networks

Certain shows will now be organized based on common themes to bring together broadcasters with similar interests while making content easier to find. The new network categories include: ‘The Stage’ (music; performing arts); ‘Video Games/Sports’; ‘People’; ‘Technology’; ‘The Zoo’ (pets, outdoors, animals); and, ‘Religion.’ Inclusion in a specific network will require approval by a Ustream.TV-designated moderator. In addition, each network will have it’s own landing page featuring a network-wide chat room where viewers can interact with people who share common interests.

Recorded Video Favorites

This new feature gives broadcasters the option to highlight a specific recorded video clip on their Ustream.TV show page by moving the segment to the top of their favorites. Additionally, broadcasters can now increase their off-air presence by choosing to run a favorite recorded clip on their show page when they aren’t broadcasting live allowing 24×7 channel presence even when off air.

Recorded Video Conversion Tools

Broadcasters now have a simple, easy-to-use process to edit, share and distribute Ustream.TV content across the Internet. These new tools will allow broadcasters to convert their Ustream.TV recorded video into easy to edit, distributable formats including MPEG-4, QuickTime™ (.mov) and Windows WMV file formats. Ustream.TV is providing this service free to its broadcasters.

Content Syndication

Broadcasters now have an easy way to syndicate their Ustream.TV content to other sites. With a few clicks, broadcasters can syndicate to video sites such as YouTube, Facebook , and Revver.

Multiple Video Streams on a Single Page

Now Ustream.TV broadcasters can feature up to six additional, simultaneous broadcasts on their individual show page. This will promote collaborative online broadcasts as well serve as a teleconference feature.

Customizable Show Pages

This new feature allows Ustream.TV broadcasters to personalize their show pages with different color palettes and customizable banners.

Permanent Moderators

Ustream.TV broadcasters can now designate permanent moderators for their show’s chat room. This feature will give more freedom to broadcasters who may not be able to effectively moderate their chat room while conducting a live show.

Ustream.TV World Records

Ustream.TV administrators will now identify broadcasters who have been the first to perform a certain task or notable feat while broadcasting live. Category examples include, ‘do a magic trick’, ‘get married’, ‘go on a blind date’ or ‘shoot a 3-pointer.’ Broadcasters submit recorded videos to be reviewed by the Ustream.TV World Records’ judges and, if they qualify, the video will be posted on the Ustream.TV World Records for the entire world to see.

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