Ustream Launches “Broadcast for Friends,” First Live Video iPhone App for Facebook with R&B Superstar Trey Songz

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Free New App Transforms Facebook Timeline into a Personal, Live Broadcast Network

SAN FRANCISCO—August 22, 2012—Ustream announced today the availability of its newest free mobile iPhone app Broadcast for Friends (BFF) on iTunes. BFF is the first iPhone app that lets users instantly broadcast unlimited live video to their friends on Facebook Timeline. During a live broadcast, friends’ Facebook comments are displayed in real-time to the BFF broadcaster. BFF also allows the broadcaster to change the look and feel of the live video with 10 Hollywood-inspired filters like “Maltese” (saturated black and white), “Vendetta” (prominent reds) and “Valentino” (silent film look). The free iOS app is available by visiting To view a demo of BFF in action, please visit

Today, R&B superstar Trey Songz announced he will be going live via the Broadcast for Friends app from his personal Facebook page on Sunday, August 26 at 7:00 p.m. PT/10:00 p.m. ET to celebrate the release of his new album Chapter V.

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“Ustream has always been the first to bring live, mobile broadcasting products to market, revolutionizing the way people share life experiences,” said Brad Hunstable, CEO and co-founder of Ustream. “Our unique broadcast technology enables Ustream to combine powerful live video events with the powerful reach of Facebook. The live aspect is what really makes BFF special; at the end of the day you would much rather see a concert live, in-the-moment rather than a recorded version.”

Ustream shipped the first mobile broadcasting app, Broadcaster, for the iPhone in 2009 and for Android in 2010. With this announcement, Ustream extends its leadership into the rapidly growing intersection of mobile and social live video. Ustream’s goal for Broadcast for Friends is to empower non-professional, everyday people to broadcast what they believe to be newsworthy, live to their world.

How it Works
The Broadcast for Friends app makes it very easy for any iPhone user to share live “socialcasts” like weddings, concerts, graduations, PTA meetings, breaking news events or even the first time a toddler walks with all of their friends on Facebook. BFF users simply connect to their Facebook account through the app and then click the “Broadcast” button to stream live to their Facebook Timeline.

With a simple finger-swipe of the screen, users can choose among 10 movie-inspired filters to create the mood and ambience they desire for their event. Filter changes are visible in real-time to Facebook friends. Current filters include:
Munchkin: Color style from Wizard of Oz
Wonka: Purplish tint
Chicago: Red flood
Sundance: Old western-style
Titan: Aqua green tint
Requiem: Desaturated, sepia tones
Vendetta: Prominent reds
Valentino: Silent film look
Maltese: Saturated black and white; Film noir
Curiosity: Mars Rover orange tones

BFF users can easily set privacy settings for their socialcasts for friends-only, self-only or public. At the end of the broadcast, a recorded version of the video can be saved to the user’s Facebook Timeline for on-demand viewing.

“Ustream’s investment in network infrastructure and patented streaming technology allows us to scale millions of simultaneous broadcasts across the Facebook global social audience,” notes Gyula Feher, CTO and co-founder of Ustream. “Only Ustream is able to deliver the massive scale required to support a consumer broadcast app like BFF.”

Broadcast for Friends is available today as a free iOS app in iTunes. To get the app, simply visit and Stream On! Follow Ustream’s Broadcast for Friends on Facebook at