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Official Launch of The Great Spirit Bluff Falcons!

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Thanks to conservationist Bob Anderson and his Raptor Resource Project, Ustreamers the world over have already experienced the magic of live nesting and bird watching with the famous Decorah Eagle Cam (www.ustream.tv/decoraheagles). Over the weekend Bob was at it again, working with a team to launch a live 24/7 camera feed of wild Peregrine Falcons. The high quality camera is positioned on a wooden falcon box located on the side of a steep cliff.

The live Ustream feed will run 24-hours a day and viewers may watch the entire nesting and mating process of the Peregrine Falcons while interacting in chat/Social Stream. The birds are expected to arrive some time between late February and early March of 2012.

The live feed can be found here: http://www.ustream.tv/greatspiritblufffalcons.

Check out some additional Press for the Spirit Bluff Falcons:

Falcon Cam Installed In La Crescent
By Pete Zervakis
October 1, 2011


You’d have a hard time finding a more scenic outlook than the one on the Howe family property but what you can’t see from the family’s backyard is the treacherous cliff below.

On that cliff sits a bare wooden box, which is expected to house a few visitors starting in late February.

“They’re nature’s top gun and they’ve marveled mankind for all of our history,” said conservationist Bob Anderson. “The Peregrine Falcon has been clocked at 270 miles an hour on dives.”

But 50 years ago, the Peregrine falcon was on the brink of extinction after a pesticide called DDT poisoned a sizeable percentage of the species.

However Bob Anderson was one of several conservationists across the country who fought to save the species.

His non-profit group, the Raptor Resource Project, has been breeding falcons in captivity and then releasing them into their natural habitats.

“This cliff in La Crescent has had falcons for thousands of years,” Anderson said. “Except for the 50 or so years because of the DDT But now they’re back.”

But on his latest project, Anderson had some help – in the form of boy scout Jonathan Howe.

The 16-year old is currently trying to attain ‘eagle rank,’ which he says is the highest honor a scout can achieve.

All applicants for eagle rank are required to complete a project and, for his, Howe is assisting Anderson with the installation of a camera into the aforementioned falcon nest.

That camera will then provide a live stream here: http://www.ustream.tv/greatspiritblufffalcons.

The stream allows the public to have 24-hour viewing access to the entire nesting and mating process of the birds, which are expected to arrive some time between late February and early March of 2012.

IDG.no: Republicans’ Web 2.0 aims: Streaming video, online chats

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Matt Villano of IDG.no reports on the Republican National Convention transforming the political landscape by using Ustream to allow viewers to ask questions of certain delegates via a chat room, and watch the delegates respond to the questions in real-time video.

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