Ustream.TV Joins Bebo’s Open Media to Introduce Live, Interactive Video Broadcasting to Social Networking

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Ustream.TV, a live, interactive video broadcast platform, today announced a partnership with Bebo, the global social network, to integrate its one-to-many live video broadcast application into Bebo’s new Open Media service (also announced today). The Ustream application will be integrated with the Bebo service, adding real-time, interactive video broadcasting to social networking. The first demonstration of the Ustream/Bebo combination was a concert streamed live online for Ustream and Bebo audiences during the Bebo Open Media news conference held today in New York, featuring popular Hollywood Records’ artists The Plain White T’s.

“Ustream.TV provides a new capability for Bebo members and enables powerful, real-time, interactive content in their profiles,” Joanna Shields, President of Bebo. “As live video becomes an important feature of social networking, the potential will be unlimited, from musicians sharing music with fans to professors broadcasting lectures for distanced learning.”

Ustream.TV connects people everywhere with an open and distributable live, interactive broadcast video platform. It allows anyone with a camera, computer, and Internet connection to broadcast live video to a global audience. Ustream.TV provides access to friends, family, entertainers, politicians and events like never before. Bebo members will be able to broadcast Ustream live video to all 40 million members or privately, to only the friends they choose.

“Bebo provides content creators, whether individuals, groups, or large organizations, with a means to reach targeted audiences through live video,” said Brad Hunstable, president and co-founder, Ustream.TV. “Bebo represents a significant new distribution channel for Ustream content, and we believe the synergies between our two platforms will redefine social networking as a fully realized, live, interactive communications medium.”

About Bebo

Bebo is a global social networking website which aims to bring together like minded individuals who are creative, expressive and socially aware. Bebo has a membership of more than 40 million world-wide and ranks as the world’s most engaging Social Media Network with users spending an average of 40 minutes per usage day on the site*. Bebo won the People’s Choice award in the Social Networking category at the 2006 Webby awards and was named as the number one search term in the Year-End Google Zeitgeist 2006. Bebo was founded in 2005 by Michael and Xochi Birch.

*Source: comScore World Metrix.

Ustream.TV Joins the meebo Platform to Usher in the Next Phase of Instant Messaging

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Ustream.TV, a live interactive online video platform, today announced that it is partnering with meebo, a website for instant messaging (IM), to integrate a one-to-many live video streaming application into the new meebo Platform. The application will be seamlessly integrated with meebo’s service, bringing yet another element of live interaction to the Web’s leading IM platform.

Ustream.TV aims to connect people everywhere with an open and distributable live streaming video platform. It allows anyone with a camera, computer, and Internet connection to broadcast live video to a global audience. Ustream.TV provides access to friends, family, entertainers, politicians and events like never before. Presidential hopefuls such as Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have used the platform to connect with constituents and artists like Tori Amos have done the same in order to connect live with fans.

Incorporating its technology with the meebo Platform helps bring the Web one step closer toward live interaction for its users and developers.

“The potential of live video that can command premium advertising dollars is immense, due to the increased user engagement this partnership brings,” said John Ham, Founder, Ustream.TV. “The functionality of Ustream and meebo brings new benefits to the live online format. Ustream is excited to be the one-to-many live video-streaming partner for meebo.”

Ustream’s partnership with meebo is part of the new meebo Platform, a series of multi-user applications designed to let users connect with their friends in a live, interactive environment. meebo’s initial set of platform applications are web-based communications applications which include voice chat and conference calling. The Ustream.TV application will bring its unique live broadcasting technology to the platform.

“If Google is search, YouTube is video and Facebook is a social utility, then meebo aims to be about live interaction. The additional capabilities of Ustream.TV in the meebo Platform help take one-to-many live video to a new level,” said Seth Sternberg, CEO, meebo. “We’re amazed by Ustream’s ability to scale live video in the Web. No scaling challenge is too great for these guys.”

About Ustream.TV

Ustream.TV is a platform for live online video that helps people everywhere connect and interact. Ustream allows anyone with a camera, computer, and Internet connection to broadcast live video to a global audience. Each day, people ustream talk shows, concerts, sporting events, even weddings and graduations. The company was developed by two U.S. military veterans who wanted to create a way for people of all ages around the globe to connect with each other through the power of live online video. Ustream is headquartered in Los Altos, California, and is privately held. For more information, please visit:

About meebo

meebo is a website for instant messaging. Founded in September 2005, meebo continues to catch on with IMers across the globe. After announcing 500,000 user-accounts in October 2006, user registration on meebo has rocketed to 3.5 million in just twelve months with more than six million unique people logging in monthly. More than 1 million people spend more than two-and-a-half hours with us every day. meebo’s investors include Sequoia Capital and Draper Fisher Jurvetson. Visit today to connect with people live on the Web.

New Ustream.TV Features Give Broadcasters and Viewers More Control

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Ustream.TV, a platform that allows anyone to broadcast live video over the Internet and chat with viewers in real-time, today announced it has added several dynamic tools to its site to help broadcasters refine their content and encourage more viewer participation. Shout Meter and Live Polls provide a new level of interaction and engagement for viewers, while Personal Links and Tip Jar let broadcasters associate their videos with their blogs and social networking pages and collect donations from viewers.

Shout Meter lets viewers express their second-by-second level of interest in a broadcast. Every time a viewer clicks on the meter, the personal level of interest – the shout volume – and the combined roar of the crowd increase. These measures of shout volume are dynamic – as soon as an individual stops clicking, the personal shout volume and the roar of the crowd start to fade. In addition to helping broadcasters understand the popularity of the parts of their broadcast, the Shout Meter lets Ustream highlight the most exciting shows on the homepage and in the program guide.

Live Polls are another way that broadcasters can find out how their audiences feel. At any time during a broadcast, the broadcaster can quickly create a poll and have it displayed next to the video stream. Viewers can immediately begin responding to the poll, and the responses are made instantaneously available to the broadcaster. From asking simple questions about the shirt a performer is wearing to assessing how viewers feel about the important issues of the day, Live Polls let viewers share what’s on their minds.

Personal Links let broadcasters add links to their blogs, websites, and social networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace, to their Ustream profiles. These links then appear below every video stream. The links encourage viewers to learn more about the broadcasters and interact with them in new and different ways.

Tip Jar is a creative way for broadcasters to generate revenue from the broadcasts. All they need is a PayPal account. The Tip Jar appears below the video stream, and whenever viewers are feeling generous they can make a donation.

“By increasing the ways our broadcasters and viewers interact, we make the live video experience more exciting and fun by providing dynamic feedback to our broadcasters,” said Chris Yeh, Ustream CEO. “With these advanced new features, all of our users will have the opportunity to invent more creative ways to connect using Ustream.TV.”

About Ustream.TV is a platform that enables anyone – with a camera and an Internet connection – to broadcast live interactive video to a global audience. Founded in early 2007 by four U.S. Military Veterans looking to develop a live video solution for the average user, and lead by Chris Yeh, serial entrepreneur and technology investor, is a privately held company based in Palo Alto, California. For more information, visit