New York Times: Charlie Sheen Helps Make a Name for Ustream

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Jennifer Mascia of The New York Times reports on Charlie Sheen’s recent Ustream broadcasts and recaps Ustream’s story, including its founding, success with the Shiba Inu Puppy Cam, Obama’s inauguration, Michael Jackson’s funeral, and the Japanese earthquake.

Mascia features quotes from John Ham, Jason Kirk, and Lynn Fox to put Charlie Sheen’s Sheen’s Korner broadcasts in perspective with former high profile Ustream broadcasts. The article also highlights Ustream’s content team’s responsiveness to opportunities such as Sheen’s, and the manner in which Sheen’s broadcast boosted viewership on Ustream.

Generally, Mascia demonstrates a¬†symbiotic¬†relationship between Sheen’s content and Ustream’s platform.

You can read the article here.