New Ustream.TV Features Give Broadcasters and Viewers More Control

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Ustream.TV, a platform that allows anyone to broadcast live video over the Internet and chat with viewers in real-time, today announced it has added several dynamic tools to its site to help broadcasters refine their content and encourage more viewer participation. Shout Meter and Live Polls provide a new level of interaction and engagement for viewers, while Personal Links and Tip Jar let broadcasters associate their videos with their blogs and social networking pages and collect donations from viewers.

Shout Meter lets viewers express their second-by-second level of interest in a broadcast. Every time a viewer clicks on the meter, the personal level of interest – the shout volume – and the combined roar of the crowd increase. These measures of shout volume are dynamic – as soon as an individual stops clicking, the personal shout volume and the roar of the crowd start to fade. In addition to helping broadcasters understand the popularity of the parts of their broadcast, the Shout Meter lets Ustream highlight the most exciting shows on the homepage and in the program guide.

Live Polls are another way that broadcasters can find out how their audiences feel. At any time during a broadcast, the broadcaster can quickly create a poll and have it displayed next to the video stream. Viewers can immediately begin responding to the poll, and the responses are made instantaneously available to the broadcaster. From asking simple questions about the shirt a performer is wearing to assessing how viewers feel about the important issues of the day, Live Polls let viewers share what’s on their minds.

Personal Links let broadcasters add links to their blogs, websites, and social networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace, to their Ustream profiles. These links then appear below every video stream. The links encourage viewers to learn more about the broadcasters and interact with them in new and different ways.

Tip Jar is a creative way for broadcasters to generate revenue from the broadcasts. All they need is a PayPal account. The Tip Jar appears below the video stream, and whenever viewers are feeling generous they can make a donation.

“By increasing the ways our broadcasters and viewers interact, we make the live video experience more exciting and fun by providing dynamic feedback to our broadcasters,” said Chris Yeh, Ustream CEO. “With these advanced new features, all of our users will have the opportunity to invent more creative ways to connect using Ustream.TV.”

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