Fightbox HD, Fashionbox HD and Docubox HD live TV channels now available via Ustream

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New York, February 5, 2013 — SPI International has partnered with Ustream, the leader in live online video streaming, to launch its subscription channels Fightbox HD, Docubox HD, and Fashionbox HD.  The live online streaming channels are currently available 24/7 to subscribers starting at $1.99 per channel each month.

Each premium channel provides specialized thematic content to viewers.  Fightbox is a combat sports channel with martial arts from more than 40 different disciplines.  The February line-up includes scheduled programs such as “Fight Code,” “Fighting Rookies,” and the documentary film “Dream Team—Aiba Road to Dreams.”  Docubox presents non-fiction documentaries and TV shows such as “Antarctica: An Adventure of a Different Nature” and “Venice: Treasure Islands” coming this February.  Fashionbox covers the world of style, beauty, and fashion.  Scheduled programming includes, “Let’s Shop” the world travel shopping series, and “You are the Supermodel—Teen,” a fun daily TV show on fashion, make-up, and styling.

SPI and Ustream are currently in talks to distribute additional channels from SPI’s portfolio, including the art house movie channel from the Filmbox brand, as well as Kino Polska International, and music-TV channel Kino Polska Muzyka. The last two are addressed to Polish-speaking viewers in the U.S.

“We are excited to collaborate with Ustream and provide audiences worldwide with quick and easy access to our premium entertainment programming.  Global internet broadcasting is an important part of our business and we look forward to working with the best in the business, Ustream,” commented Loni Farhi, President of SPI International.