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New Ustream Live Video Solutions Deliver Marketers Record-Breaking Audience Sizes and View Times

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Syndication and linear programming capabilities increase viewership and engagement by 120x 

June 6, 2013 – LOS ANGELES – Ustream, Inc., the leading technology platform for live social video streaming, will highlight its latest live video solutions in a keynote conversation today at Massive, Variety magazine’s annual advertising summit. David Thompson, Ustream’s chief marketing officer, and Andrew Wallenstein, editor-in-chief of Digital at Variety, will be discussing the opportunities for marketers to reach ever larger, and more targeted, online audiences using these new capabilities. The conversation will take place at 10:15am Pacific time in the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel and will be available for live viewing on Ustream:

Since 2007, Ustream has enabled anyone or any organization to easily broadcast live over the Internet and share experiences in real-time. The company continues to lead the way with innovative new products that extend its reach. Earlier this year, Ustream released the Spring Edition of its live video service, Pro Broadcasting, equipping broadcasters with an enhanced suite of features, including the ability to assemble linear sequences of recorded videos to loop “as live” 24/7 at specified times, as well as the ability to build larger audiences through syndication. Using an IAB-compliant syndicated player, broadcasters are able to reach a targeted and qualified audience of any size, garnering insight from engagement metrics within the Ustream Analytics Console. Syndicated streams are embedded across relevant websites from Ustream’s network of tens and thousands of sites, boasting an aggregate of 300 million monthly viewers. Ustream-syndicated events have already yielded as high as 120x in viewership spikes and currently delivers 20x in viewership increases on average.

Both features can be used effectively as standalone or combined marketing tactics. Since it became available, Ustream customers and clients have experienced powerful results from the new technology, including: Continue reading

More Than 2.4 Million People Followed Boston Manhunt on Ustream – AdWeek

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265,000-plus tuned in at time of capture

By Tim Peterson – AdWeek

Aside from NBC’s Pete Williams and local Boston news station WCVB, TV news outlets infamously fumbled in reporting the manhunt following last week’s Boston Marathon bombing. That led a lot of people to sidestep the news middlemen and tune into police scanners feeds streaming online, such as through livestreaming video platform Ustream.

Starting Thursday night—after the FBI released images of the bombing suspects—through Friday evening, when the lone living suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was captured, more than 2.4 million people followed the manhunt on Ustream, including more than 265,000 people who simultaneously listened to a single police scanner feed in the minutes leading up to and after Tsarnaev’s arrest.

Ustream CEO Brad Hunstable referred an interview request to director of communications Joellen Ferrer, who provided information on the platform’s Boston-related traffic and described the Friday afternoon audience as “by far the most engagement we’ve ever seen for something of this nature.”

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Autism Speaks Partners with Ustream to Live Stream Los Angeles Walk Now for Autism Speaks on April 20

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New York, N.Y. (April 18, 2013) – Autism Speaks, the world’s leading autism science and advocacy organization and Ustream, the leader in live online video streaming, are partnering to live video stream the Los Angeles Walk Now for Autism Speaks fundraising and awareness event on Saturday, April 20 from the Rose Bowl. As part of the partnership, Autism Speaks will have its own Pro channel on Ustream, which will showcase the broadcast on its homepage.

Viewers will have an opportunity to enjoy the festivities, hear from celebrities and walk participants and make donations. The live video stream will be hosted by veteran broadcasters Nick Geber (Autism America Radio on Sirius/XM, Fox Sports) and Christian Miles (MLS, Pac-12 Network), joined by WrongPlanet’s Alex Plank. The live video stream will start at 8:45AM PT and continue throughout the duration of the event, concluding at 12:15.

“We’re excited to partner with Ustream and bring the Los Angeles Walk Now for Autism Speaks to people across the country who want to participate, but are unable to join us in person,” said Matthew Asner, Autism Speaks Executive Director for Southern California. “This is an ideal opportunity to expand the audience for this incredibly popular event and bring autism awareness to every corner of the country.”

“Ustream has been lucky enough to partner with Autism Speaks to provide the live video streaming technology for this important event,” said Ustream CEO Brad Hunstable. “Ustream’s robust network allows anyone who cannot attend the event in person with the ability to watch the walk in real time as well as cheer the participants on via Ustream’s social stream.”

Ustream Pro Broadcasting Brings Live Video Streaming Mainstream

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Enhanced, live video streaming solution makes it easier than ever before to broadcast and engage in real-time; Ustream to introduce new Pro Broadcasting products at NAB Show

April 8, 2013 — San Francisco — Ustream, the leader in live social video streaming, is releasing the latest edition of their popular Pro Broadcasting service, designed to provide broadcasters of all sizes with turnkey solutions to easily expand and engage their audiences. Broadcasters across industries can now take advantage of new Pro Broadcaster features built on the Ustream Cloud Platform, including Live Playlists, an HD-enabled Web broadcasting console, video on demand upload, new player technology, and live closed captions. Ustream will introduce these new features, interview several customers, and host a media-moderated panel at the annual NAB Show in Las Vegas during the “Re-inventing 24/7 Broadcast Media with Live Video Streaming Solutions” Info Session on Tuesday, April 9th.

Ustream’s Pro Broadcasting service is the most popular live video streaming service, with over 5000 global customers. Pro Broadcasting now includes linear programming capabilities, which allows broadcasters to easily assemble linear sequences of recorded videos and schedule them to loop 24/7 or broadcast “as live” at specified times on the Ustream channel of their choice. Viewers experience these scheduled Live Playlists as shared, live video programs in the same way traditional scheduled linear broadcasts on television are transmitted simultaneously to all viewers. The level of engagement can immediately be amplified utilizing Ustream’s integrated Social Stream; viewers can chat and ask questions in real-time using Twitter and Facebook, while broadcasters can host and moderate live chats.

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Ustream Cloud Platform Delivers Global Audiences to Any Broadcaster, Anytime

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Proprietary live video streaming technology provides users with unmatched redundancy, resiliency, and reliability

April 4, 2013 — San Francisco — Ustream, the leader in live social video streaming, today unveiled its next-generation streaming technology, marking a new standard for live video streaming capabilities and the re-invention of traditional broadcasting. The core of the Ustream Cloud Platform centers around the company’s proprietary Ustream Content Delivery Network (UCDN), Ustream Media Server (UMS) and Ustream TCP Congestion Control Algorithm (UTCP). Together, this advanced technology provides users with unmatched redundancy, resiliency, and reliability to broadcast quality live video streams. Further, Ustream’s application programming interface (API) will allow for advancements in live video streaming innovation across all industries.

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Ustream Teams Up with the 2013 Bonnaroo and Outside Lands Music & Arts Festivals to Provide Exclusive Live Video Streaming Experiences for Fans

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Live premium digital webcast and Mobile Mob to capture multiple stages and vantage points, creating an ultimate branding opportunity

Ustream, the leader in live social video streaming, today announced it will provide exclusive live video streaming for the upcoming Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival and the Outside Lands Music & Arts Festival in partnership with Superfly Presents, Bulldog DM and Springboard Productions. The deal marks the first time viewers everywhere will have access to the lineup of performances for both festivals through Ustream’s interactive, socially integrated platform.

Unique Fan Experience

Music fans anywhere in the world will now have the ability to personalize their viewing experience by choosing from unique content across multiple stages, as well as candid fan views from Ustream’s Mobile Mob. Ustream’s Mobile Mob is a new grassroots approach that will empower selected festival attendees to share their unique experiences with other fans, live, via their mobile devices.

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Ustream Launches Self-Service, Live Pay-Per-View Broadcasting at SF Music Tech

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Open Pay-per-view makes it easier than ever for producers of all sizes to sell tickets to live online events

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. – February 19, 2013 –  Ustream, the pioneer in live social video streaming, today officially launched Open Pay-per-view (Open PPV), marking the first product in the industry that empowers broadcasters of any size to easily sell tickets to live video events with no upfront fees, to the largest global community of live viewers. Open PPV requires no pre-screening of events and with just a few simple steps, broadcasters can schedule a pay-per-view event, set the price, and begin promotions through social media. Whether it’s a high-end, multi-camera HD production, or a last minute mobile broadcast, the Open PPV platform makes it easier than ever for Ustream’s 12 million broadcasters to expand their audience and monetize content.

“Until now, the multi-billion dollar pay-per-view industry has been a big-boys-only game. Ustream’s Open PPV service blows open the pay-per-view market for broadcasters of any size and skill set to become the next Oscar De La Hoya, who’s generated hundreds of millions of dollars in pay-per-view tickets,” said Ustream CEO, Brad Hunstable. “The monetization possibilities are limitless, as Ustreamers can now transform their live social video streams — from large-scale concerts to global sporting events, to industry conferences to educational seminars — into profitable events.”

More than 4,500 pay-per-view events have been streamed live via Ustream during the course of the beta rollout, including: the Bridge School Benefit Concert; King of the Dot presents Blackout 3; Six Nations Rugby individual games; UFC’s Silva vs. Sonnen II; Insane Clown Posse’s Psychopathic Live; and USA vs. Guatemala World Cup qualifier. Broadcasters utilizing Ustream’s Open PPV can do so with no upfront fees and ticket sales are deposited directly into their PayPal accounts. Some of the most successful pay-per-view events on Ustream have generated upwards of $70,000 for a single event and $300,000 for a season-long series of events.

“Our goals were to find a partner who could provide a stable and secure platform to not only stream our event but also provide secure mechanisms to collect payments,” said Will Mitchell, webcast producer for the Bridge School Benefit concerts. “Setting up and implementing was easy and seamless; Ustream provided rock solid support during our benefit concert which is an 8-hour plus continuous broadcast.”

“Ustream has helped broaden King of the Dot’s audience, and we’ve been successful utilizing the social media push that Ustream’s platform offers,” said Avi Rex, CEO of King of the Dot, Inc; North America’s premier hip-hop battle league. “King of the Dot has seen some great numbers from Ustream and we are very proud of what we have achieved thus far, as our goals were far exceeded.”

Open PPV events on Ustream can be purchased with all major credit cards and watched from around the world on Broadcasters can begin streaming their first pay-per-view event and selling tickets in a few easy and risk-free steps. For more information about Open PPV, visit: To learn more about broadcasting on Ustream, visit:

“Since we launched pay-per-view in beta, we’ve also seen an increasing number of small, independent broadcasters who are finding success, proving that viewers are willing to pay for quality, niche content,” said Ustream’s Director of Product Marketing, Jordan Meyer. “Pay-per-view is a great addition to any real-world event — if you’re going to charge people entry into a concert or seminar, why not set up a camera and monetize the fans that can’t make it in person?”

Ustream’s Open PPV will be showcased on the main stage of the SF Music Tech Summit in San Francisco on February 19, 2013 by Ustream’s SVP of Marketing, David Thompson.

Fightbox HD, Fashionbox HD and Docubox HD live TV channels now available via Ustream

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New York, February 5, 2013 — SPI International has partnered with Ustream, the leader in live online video streaming, to launch its subscription channels Fightbox HD, Docubox HD, and Fashionbox HD.  The live online streaming channels are currently available 24/7 to subscribers starting at $1.99 per channel each month.

Each premium channel provides specialized thematic content to viewers.  Fightbox is a combat sports channel with martial arts from more than 40 different disciplines.  The February line-up includes scheduled programs such as “Fight Code,” “Fighting Rookies,” and the documentary film “Dream Team—Aiba Road to Dreams.”  Docubox presents non-fiction documentaries and TV shows such as “Antarctica: An Adventure of a Different Nature” and “Venice: Treasure Islands” coming this February.  Fashionbox covers the world of style, beauty, and fashion.  Scheduled programming includes, “Let’s Shop” the world travel shopping series, and “You are the Supermodel—Teen,” a fun daily TV show on fashion, make-up, and styling.

SPI and Ustream are currently in talks to distribute additional channels from SPI’s portfolio, including the art house movie channel from the Filmbox brand, as well as Kino Polska International, and music-TV channel Kino Polska Muzyka. The last two are addressed to Polish-speaking viewers in the U.S.

“We are excited to collaborate with Ustream and provide audiences worldwide with quick and easy access to our premium entertainment programming.  Global internet broadcasting is an important part of our business and we look forward to working with the best in the business, Ustream,” commented Loni Farhi, President of SPI International.

Ustream and Premium Sports Ink Exclusive Streaming Partnership for Six Nations Championship and Gaelic Athletic Association National League

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Full access to live match coverage for rugby, football, and hurling fans available exclusively on, starting Sat. February 2

January 31, 2013 — San Francisco, Calif. – Ustream, the leader in live video, today announced a continued partnership with Premium Sports, a leading rights provider for international sports, including soccer, rugby, Gaelic football and hurling, and other sports. As the exclusive live streaming partner for the Six Nations Championship and Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA) National League, Ustream’s interactive video platform will be the destination for rugby and for Gaelic football and hurling fans to simultaneously watch high-quality live matches and socially engage with other fans this season. Both respective seasons begin Saturday, February 2nd.

The Six Nations Rugby Championship is the oldest annual international rugby union competition involving six European sides: England, France, Ireland, Italy, Scotland and Wales. The games kick off at Millennium Stadium this Saturday, as champion Wales hosts Ireland. Viewers can watch individual matches for $19.99 or can stay tuned all season long for $99.99. For more info:

The GAA National League features county teams clashing in both Gaelic football and hurling matches, from early February until early May. Fans will be able to tune is as the teams prepare for another All Ireland Championship in the summer of 2013. Viewers can watch individual matches for $14.99 ($19.99 for Finals) or a full season pass for $69.99. For more info:

“Our partnership with Ustream over the last three years for the Six Nations Championship and for Gaelic sports has given us the opportunity to connect with a much wider audience and to provide season passes for events. We look forward to building on this success by expanding our market across the US and Canada with the growing use of broadband services,” said Shane O’Rourke, CEO of Premium Sports. “Ustream’s innovative viewing platform not only allows fans to watch live matches, but also adds a level of social engagement that brings the entire community together.”

“Premium Sports has been an incredible partner, as we share similar goals of providing live sports and social engagement at fans’ fingertips,” said Brad Hunstable, CEO of Ustream. “As the leader in the space with the most unique viewers and an unparalleled viewing experience, we’re confident we can further engage this growing community of rugby and hurling of fans.”

Shameless MMA teams up with Ustream to Broadcast Live Pay-per-View Match

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Proceeds from the each PPV ticket purchase to be donated to The Wounded Warriors Project

On February 9, 2013 the Mixed Martial Arts community will come together for “Buckley MMA Fight Night”, Presented by Ring Of Fire MMA and in conjunction with Shameless MMA. This great night of fights features a main event that pits two strikers against each other as UFC vet Tyler THUNDER Toner takes on Bellator veteran Cody Connell. In the co-main event Brazilian fighter and BJJ black belt Fabio JUNGLE BOY Serrao will go head to head with undefeated wrestler Jarred Mercado.

This event marks the first time an MMA event will be held on Buckley Air Force Base and those in attendance will be comprised of both current and former military. Although this event is closed to the general public, Shameless MMA has all MMA and military fans covered with a LIVE PPV stream thanks to Ustream, the leader in live online video broadcasting. Proceeds of the stream will go toward The Wounded Warrior Project.  MMA fans worldwide will have the opportunity to watch the broadcast on Ustream’s platform, which will help insure that the PPV donations will ensure those involved in the Wounded Warrior Project have the resources necessary to make a difference in the lives of those that have sacrificed so much for our freedoms.

“Ustream’s platform allows event producers to extend their viewership, while providing them with the flexibility and tools to cater to their fans,” said Brad Hunstable, CEO of Ustream. “Despite the exclusive nature of this event, Shameless MMA clearly illustrates a true commitment to MMA fans, as well as the service members that are part of the Wounded Warrior Project.”

UFC veteran Tyler THUNDER Toner takes on Bellator veteran Cody Carillo. Both fighters are known for their striking abilities and come from great camps. Toner fights out of EASTON BJJ and the famed GRUDGE Training Center. Toner has been a fixture with ROF since 2006. His position in the sport quickly gained traction with successful bouts in Strikeforce, WEC, UFC and Shootboxing, where he upset World Champion Kenichi Ogata by KO in Ogata’s home country of Japan. Carrillo has a Muay Thai background and hails from Janjira Muay Thai Kansas. He amassed a 14-4 amateur career before turning professional in 2011 on a Bellator FC event.  Since going pro he has fought 12 times with a 7-5 record, with his last 3 bouts all ending by KO or TKO.

Toner quotes on bout:

“I am a big supporter of our troops and am excited about fighting in front of them. It’s an honor to be included in this event, and hope to give the crowd an exciting performance. I love fighting for Ring Of Fire and to be part of this first event on base is awesome. I know that both me and my opponent like to stand and bang, and I am always down to let the gloves fly. It’s should be a great fight!”

Carrillo quotes on bout:

“It’s an honor for me to fight for those that serve our country. What I do is a sport, these men and women put their lives on the line every day. I have the utmost respect for them. Toner is a great fighter and I am looking forward to the fight. I think our styles match up well, but this is MMA so you never know what’s going to happen. I’m just going to come in as well prepared as possible and put on a show for the troops.”

Brazil’s Fabio JUNGLE BOY Serrao was originally slated to face UFC veteran Alvin KID Robinson, but Robinson had to withdraw from the bout due to a knee injury. Several replacement fighters were discussed with Serrao’s camp but ultimately the spot has been filled by undefeated wrestling standout Jarred SHUT OUT Mercado. Mercado steps in on two weeks notice but is in fight shape as he just competed on Friday the 25th stopping his opponent Rocky Johnson improving his undefeated record to 7-0. The win makes him one of the top prospects in the region, and hopes that a win against Serrao would elevate him to national status. The fight also has a special meaning to Mercado

Mercado quotes on bout:

“My friend and wrestling teammate Sandrino Plutino passed away in combat leading his team of Army Rangers. I can’t think of a better way to use my fighting to pay tribute to him than fighting at Buckley Air Force Base with only troops in attendance.”

Fabio JUNGLE BOY Serrao hails from Manaus, Brazil. He is a 2nd degree black belt under BJJ Grand Master Osvaldo Alves. Alves has been trainer to some of the biggest names in the sport including Vitor Belfort, Paulo Filho and the Nogueira brothers. Serrao has a professional MMA record of 5 wins with 2 losses. In grappling competition Serrao is a 4 time NAGA World Champion, Brazil JiuJitsu National Champion, and Amazon State Champion. He is a Team Link competition member and training partner to UFC heavyweight Gabriel Gonzaga.

Serrao quotes on bout: 

“I wish Alvin Robinson a speedy recovery, as I look forward to fighting him when he is healthy. I like the match up with Mercado as the style is very similar and has trained with Alvin. I want no excuses and liked that Mercado was in shape and ready to fight. I want no excuses in the bout. I will also be fighting for the troops of the world with my military school background. I represent a big team and a big social project called “Jungle Boy Project” that teach Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for free to the poor kids in my hometown Manaus. My victory is their victory…I will use the money from the Fight to help the kids of the project.”

In addition to the main and co-main events, BUCKLEY MMA FIGHT NIGHT will also feature the following matchups:

  •  Former 505th Parachute Infantryman Sam Rauch vs. Brian Maronek
  •  Todd “Captain America” Meredith vs. Former U.S. Marine Reed O’Malley
  •   Women’s feature bout with Shannon Culpepper vs. Mercedes Timmerman
  •  Bouts featuring members of the Army, Air Force, Air Force reserves and Marines.

FIGHT! Magazine is proud to be a sponsor of the Buckley MMA Fight Night. FIGHT! is the world’s leading Mixed Martial Arts magazine, covering all aspects of the ever expanding MMA universe.

The LIVE PPV Ustream will be $14.95 USD with proceeds from each purchase going to The Wounded Warriors Project. The stream will be available to all via, and can be purchased and viewed from Ustream directly at