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UrtheCast Signs Exclusive Deal with Ustream to Air Space Programming

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UrtheCast Signs Exclusive Deal with Ustream to Air Space Programming

UrtheCast – the first high-definition (HD), streaming video platform of Earth – and Ustream Inc., the leader in live, interactive, streaming video, announced today an exclusive partnership to power UrtheCast’s weekly live

Vancouver and San Francisco (PRWEB) July 09, 2012-  UrtheCast – the first high-definition (HD), streaming video platform of Earth – and Ustream Inc., the leader in live, interactive, streaming video, announced today an exclusive partnership to power UrtheCast’s weekly live programming to Ustream’s wide audience. The UrtheCastTV program provides insight into the realm of a space technology startup, moving toward launch in early 2013. Viewers can tune in to UrtheCast’s Ustream channel at every Tuesday, at 4:00 p.m. PST.

“We’ve been airing our live discussions since March of 2012, and we’re excited to begin working more closely with Ustream as our vision becomes a reality. Ustream’s leading-edge live platform is already being used by innovative teams, such as those at NASA,” said UrtheCast President, Scott Larson. “We expect this new partnership to extend our reach towards a new audience, grow our community, and offer valuable live programming to the masses.”

In 2010, UrtheCast launched its vision to install two cameras to the bottom of the International Space Station and offer a platform to view the Earth for people across the globe. This vision transformed to include the creation of a global community – part of this community has already begun to take shape in the form of Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, and now even more so with Ustream. UrtheCast intends to create not only a new perspective on the world, but a new interactive community. UrtheCast covers issues big and small, with an industry-specific and worldwide perspective. In the live, interactive Ustream chats, viewers can join discussions on app development, rocket science, technology, ground station technology, and social media.

In early 2013, UrtheCast’s two cameras – constructed by the UK’s Rutherford Appleton Labs – will be mounted to the underside of the Russian segment of the ISS. The imagery and video from these cameras will be downlinked to ground stations across the globe. Once on Earth, this data will be processed into HD video.

This video will then be streamed to viewers to experience on their computers or mobile devices. The cameras will provide high-resolution, color image strips of Earth, up to 40-km wide, with a ground pixel size (ground sampling distance) of up to 1.1 meters. As the Space Station passes over a particular geographic location, video data and imagery will be collected of that area, providing the opportunity for awareness of current events across the globe. As another layer of interactivity, users will be able to track the Space Station along its orbital path.

“Ustream is thrilled to help broadcast truly inspiring space experiences with UrtheCast,” said Ruby Tugade, Ustream’s Senior Business Development Manager. “Ustream’s technology makes it possible to share both UrtheCast’s weekly programming, and videos of planet Earth, from space. We are proud to be bringing this extraordinary content to our users across the globe.”

The beta version of the UrtheCast platform goes live in summer of 2012. For a chance to become a beta subscriber, visit

Huffington Post and Ustream Announce Exclusive Agreement for Live Citizen Journalism Content

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Editor-in-Chief of Huffington Post Arianna Huffington and CEO of Ustream to Cheers Partnership with a Live-Broadcast Press Announcement Exclusively on Ustream at 3:30 p.m. EST

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif.– June 27, 2012–Ustream Inc., the leader in live, interactive, streaming video, today announced an exclusive agreement with Huffington Post that grants the media outlet access to live-streaming videos from Ustream’s citizen journalists to embed on its breaking news pages. As citizen journalism continues to rise, Ustream has become the popular choice to stream live breaking news reporting. Now by partnering with Huffington Post, Ustream’s live on-the-street content will reach the media outlet’s almost 37 million monthly readers and viewers to provide a diverse perspective of late breaking events around the world.

At 3:30 p.m. (EST) sharp, be part of the groundbreaking exclusive live-press announcement event with Editor-In-Chief of Huffington Post Arianna Huffington and CEO of Ustream Brad Hunstable by watching and providing commentary through Ustream’s exclusive social stream at  Additionally, after the live-announcement, Ustream’s up-and-coming Citizen Journalist Luke “We Are Change” Rudkowski will give his perspective on why being a citizen journalist is important for today’s society especially with this generations’ greater access to mobile devices worldwide.

“We launched Off The Bus in 2007 to go beyond the one-dimensional horse-race aspect of election coverage and actually respond to the widespread dissatisfaction about the way campaigns are covered,” said Arianna Huffington, president and editor-in-chief of the Huffington Post Media Group. “So I’m delighted that we are partnering with Ustream for Off The Bus 2012, and renewing our commitment to holding politicians accountable and telling the stories that need to be told by tapping into a wide range of voices and perspectives.”

In the last 3 years, Ustream has seen an almost 50 percent increase in use of mobile devices as the main source of viewing content and 1 out of 8 broadcasts are live from mobile devices. With Huffington Post’s exclusive partnership with Ustream – its readers will now have access to on-the-spot footage of historical events such as:

In addition to the partnership, Huffington Post and Ustream are giving a call out for nominations to anyone who thinks they or someone they know has what it takes to be a citizen journalist for this year’s “Off the Bus Cover the Conventions Contest.” Winners selected from the nomination pool will have all their lodging and expenses paid as they report from on the scene of this year’s political conventions in Charlotte or Tampa. Additionally, Ustream will be offering exclusive training and support to the winners to enhance their skills to become an All-Star Ustream citizen journalist.

To be considered, send a video (less than 2 minutes) and reasons why you or someone you nominated should cover the convention then email it to

“Citizen Journalism is increasingly democratizing the internet with live Ustream news events playing an important role,,” said Brad Hunstable, CEO and co-founder of Ustream. “Our partnership with Huffington Post will further push forward this trend and our mission to enable anyone, anywhere to share their stories. By combining Huffington Post’s world-class news reporting with Ustream’s live video citizen journalism viewers everywhere will now have a raw and unedited perspective of diverse voices on the world’s most important events.”

Over the last three years, Ustream’s development team has designed and created the Ustream mobile app for the iPhone, iPad and Android devices making the process of streaming live broadcasts and viewing this content as easy as a touch of a button.
Download the Ustream app and be an Off the Bus Citizen Journalist today! Sign-up at

Ustream and Clear Channel Team to Celebrate and Broadcast LGBT Pride Parade

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The 42nd Annual San Francisco Pride Parade Will be Ustreamed Live on Sunday, June 24 starting at 10:00 a.m. PT

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif.– June 18, 2012–Ustream Inc., the leader in live, interactive, streaming video, today announced it will team up with Clear Channel Media and Entertainment San Francisco to provide exclusive live, interactive coverage of the 42nd Annual San Francisco Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Pride Parade at 10:00 a.m. PT on Sunday, June 24. Tune into for the live parade coverage and on Monday, June 18 at 3:00 p.m. PT for a live announcement and preview of San Francisco LGBT Pride Parade with the parade host Donna Sachet, who will be joined by San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus and her parade co-hosts Michelle Meow and Sebastian Kunz.
CLICK TO TWEET: @Ustream & @SFPrideLive to share @SFPride with the world – live announcement with Donna Sachet at 3p.m. PT today
“Pride’s theme this year is Global Equality and Clear Channel San Francisco cannot think of a better way to celebrate than to provide the world with the opportunity to experience San Francisco LGBT Pride live through Ustream,” said Val Klein, director of marketing & promotions at Clear Channel Media and Entertainment San Francisco. “With Ustream, we are finally able to realize our dream of reaching a worldwide audience. Ustream is making it possible for even the most isolated or closeted people to participate in the LGBT community and perhaps become empowered in the process.”
Viewers can join the festivities at the official San Francisco LGBT Pride Parade channel starting at 10:00 a.m. PT on Sunday, June 24. Viewers from around the world will experience the parade through multiple perspectives and angles throughout the day. This year San Francisco’s Donna Sachet will host the parade, along with Michelle Meow, host of Swirl Radio, Sebastian Kunz, on-parade reporter, Alicia Kimbrell, social networking director for Clear Channel San Francisco, and guest host Lenny Broberg of the San Francisco Police Department. The parade commences with the Dykes on Bikes® followed by more than 200 contingents representing a wide variety of the LGBT community, politicians and celebrity Grand Marshalls Sarah Silverman, Dot Jones (Glee) and Carmen Cararra (RuPaul’s Drag Race).
For more information on the 42nd Annual San Francisco LGBT Pride Parade, please visit
Join in the conversation at: or @SFPrideLive on Twitter #SFPRIDELIVE

Decorah Eagle Fledge Watch Begins June 20th!

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Exciting times for bird lovers all over—it’s time for Ustream’s popular Decorah Eagle chicks to spread their wings and fly! To catch the highly anticipated fledge on June 20th, fans can tune in at, a curated portal that also showcases some of the many other high quality bird and animal cams on offer. Last year, the live-streaming Decorah Eagle channel garnered more than 200 million views making it the number one most viewed live streaming video ever.

Between now and the first fledge, the junior eagles are practicing their techniques to prepare for their first flight. Currently the eagles are wingercizing, which entails flapping their wings and hopping. At times, they might catch a gust of air causing them to hover. After that, the junior eagles will start branching, which are small hops and lifts onto the closest branches around their nest. Lastly, the junior eagles will fledge or self-propel away from and back to the nest. This is all achieved with watchful parents on the sidelines.

The channel will go off air on Saturday, June 30 4:00 p.m. CT for the remainder of the 2012 season as volunteers focus on upgrading cameras, technology and the viewing experience for the 2013 season. The live video stream will go back on the air in November 2012 and the chat will return in early 2013.

To celebrate National Bald Eagle Day on June 20th, Ustream’s editors will be featuring showcasing all of the wonderful bald eagle cams, including live content, highlights, and recorded video on Ustream.


●  Copulation & Nesting: Three eggs were laid in late February: Egg one arrived on February 17, egg two arrived on February 20 and egg three arrived on February 24.

●  Incubation: About 35 days

●  Hatch Watch: The eggs hatched in late March: First egg hatched March 27, the second egg hatched on March 28 and the Third egg hatched on March 31.

●  Fledge Watch: Starts June 20th

●  End of Season: Saturday, June 30 4:00 p.m. CT


●  The man behind the camera and the founder of the Raptor Resource Project, Bob Anderson, would be happy to discuss his love for birds, education, and background information on the Decorah Eagle project. Anderson provides the world a glimpse of the nature that surrounds us through his more than 30 animal cameras across the country.

●  CEO and Co-Founder of Ustream TV, Brad Hunstable would be happy to discuss live-streaming, the Decorah Eagle phenomenon, and the growing trend of live-streaming animals.


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Ustream For Android Hits 2.5M Downloads, Rolls Out Ad-Free App For Those Who Pay

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Ustream is celebrating reaching 2.5 million downloads of its Android app today with the release of a major new version, Ustream 2.0. It’s been a long time coming for Ustream to hit this milestone – the original Android app waslaunched back in 2009, and the Android tablet version arrived just last year.

With the update, the company is finally providing a way for users to disable the banner ads within the app – news whose timing is critical, given the recent reports about Android ads and the related battery drains.

Explains Ustream of its in-app ads: “to maintain its development, the app is supported by unobtrusive banner ads appearing at the bottom of some screens.”

How “unobtrusive” those ads may be, however, is certainly subjective.

And with the report (PDF) that ads in these so-called “free” Android apps drain the phone’s battery at incredible rates – some even use twice the power they actually need to operate – any ad-disabling option will be a welcome addition for regular users.

Starting today, Ustream users can choose to purchase a premium membership, available to buy both in the app and on Ustream’s website, in order to have access to an entirely ad-free version.

While that’s the biggest news with Ustream 2.0, the app has also received a makeover as well as a new “quick broadcast” widget, as a part of the overhaul.

The updated user interface now offers a dark theme, and supports device rotation to landscape mode, swiping-based navigation, an improved “actionbar” (the screen header) functionality and other minor improvements.

Also new is a “Quick Broadcast” widget which Android users can place directly on their homescreen. When you see something you want to record, just tap the widget to immediately begin live streaming.

Although of lesser importance to stateside users, but of strategic importance to the company itself, version 2.0 of the Android app now supports the Korean language too, in addition to English and Japanese. This comes on the heels of last week’s announcement ofUstream’s launch in Korea. The company had partnered last fall with KT Corporation, a leading telecommunications provider in South Korea, while simultaneously raising an additional $10 million funding round from Japanese telecom provider Softbank. Korea is the second non-English platform for the company, following Ustream Asia, which launched in January 2010.

The updated version of Ustream for Android will roll out to the Android Market Google Play storetoday. For those who already have the app installed, just check for updates.

Ustream Announces Live Hatch Watch 2012 for the Decorah Eagles

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Ustream’s #1 Most Popular Live Broadcast of All Time is in Its Second Season; Hatch Watch to Begin on March 23

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif.– March 19, 2012–Ustream Inc., the leader in live, interactive, streaming video, today announced hatch watch for its most popular channel, the Decorah Eagles. Three eggs were laid in late February and the first egg is expected to hatch this week around March 23 or 24, with each remaining egg hatching about a week apart. Last year, the live-streaming Decorah Eagles channel garnered more than 200 million views, making it the number one, most viewed Ustreaming video ever. To view the live channel of the Eagles nesting on Ustream, please visit

The now-famous Decorah Eagles attracted fans to revisit the Ustream channel in mass on December 29, 2011 when theEagles returned to the nest in Decorah, Iowa to start their nesting ritual. Since then, there have been more than 11 million total global views of the Decorah Eagles channel on Ustream and viewership has reached as high as 23 thousand live viewers at a time. Viewers can track the Eagles’ daily activity through an interactive map online at

“We’re thrilled to offer Ustream fans with another season of the wildly-popular Decorah Eagles,” said Ruby Tugade, non-profit content manager at Ustream. “Last year, viewership of the Decorah Eagles made history by becoming the most popular live video in the world.  With the improvements like night vision, HD, and panning cameras, we expect this year to be more amazing than ever.”

The man behind the camera is Bob Anderson, a modern conservationist and founder of Raptor Resource Project, a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the natural habitat of birds around the country. Bob is dedicated to providing the world with a glimpse of the nature that surrounds us through his more than 24 bird cams across the country. Other camera technicians that are contributing to the Decorah Eagles channel include Jim Womeldorf, Charlie Forman and Willard Holthaus. The nest is about 80 feet high, about six feet wide and weighs nearly 1.5 tons.

“The Decorah Eagles channel on Ustream has touched so many people – from teachers sharing nature with their students, to the elderly and ill seeking comfort from the soothing sounds of nature,” said Bob Anderson, executive director of Raptor Resource Project. “Being able to bring a little nature to viewers around the world and connect people in new ways is what drives me to continue my conservation work and bird cams.”

This year, Ustream is also incorporating its Social Stream feature, where fans from around the world can communicate through a real-time and interactive chat module and share their insights, as the video streams. In addition, Ustream has created a Superchannel for fans to experience all Raptor Resource Project cameras in one, consolidated channel online at

The Superchannel highlights other Raptor Resource Project channels on Ustream including; the Decorah Screech Owls, where the nest and camera are live but we are waiting on the Owls to appear; the Eaglecrest Nest with Canadian Geese nesting; the Great Spirit Bluff Falcons, which is temporarily undergoing repairs due to wind damage; and the Missouri Turkey Vultures. Viewers are able to navigate through this interactive and directory-like landing page where they are able to select between any of the five live broadcasts offered by Raptor Resource Project.

Decorah Eagles Timeline of Events:
Copulation & Nesting: Three eggs were laid in late February. Egg one arrived on February 17, egg two arrived on February 20 and egg three arrived on February 24.
Incubation: 35 days
Hatch Watch: Late March – Hatch watch begins March 23
Fledge Watch: Late June

Additional Resources:
For an infographic timeline of the Decorah Eagles events, please visit:
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