24 Hours of Reality an Unprecedented Call to Confront Climate Change // Event Draws Nearly 9 Million Unique Views and Catalyzes Action all Across the Globe

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Contact: Eric Young, 703/217-6814 or press@climatereality.com

NEW YORK — Over the past 24 hours, millions of people joined climate scientists, leaders, celebrities and Climate Reality Project Chairman Al Gore in an unprecedented global event that connected the dots between extreme weather and climate change. The event, 24 Hours of Reality, also shined a light on the intentional and well-funded effort to sow doubt about the reality of the climate crisis.

“Extreme droughts, terrible storms, and larger floods are devastating many parts of the world,” said former Vice President Gore. “Today, climate change is no longer a prediction: It’s a reality. Yet around the world, we are still subjected to polluter-financed misinformation and propaganda designed to mislead people about the dangers we face from the unfolding climate crisis. Those who want to protect their own short-term financial interest are employing the same strategy first used by tobacco companies years ago to mislead the public about the science linking cigarettes to disease and death.”

The former Vice President added: “The time to face reality is now. 24 Hours of Reality bridged oceans and cultures — in every time zone — bringing the world together to emphasize the truth about the climate crisis and how we can solve it.”

Chairman Gore was joined by renowned climate scientists as well as Climate Presenters he has personally trained to deliver a new multimedia presentation around the world. Together, they drove home both the overwhelming scientific consensus on manmade climate change and the devastating impacts of extreme weather.

The event, broadcast live by Ustream, received nearly nine million unique views over the course of 24 hours. More than simply a viewing experience, the event served as a catalyst for action, urging individuals to call out denial and join others in their communities to work toward solutions. This event was seen at major watch parties in places like London, Miami, France and Fiji. Our partner organizations around the world invited viewers to take concrete steps to help solve the climate crisis.

“This event was a powerful message to our leaders worldwide,” said Maggie L. Fox, President and CEO of The Climate Reality Project. “Reality is not an opinion. The climate crisis is happening now, and if we fail to act the impacts will grow even worse. The time to face reality is now. And the good news is, if we reduce pollution and aggressively invest clean, renewable energy, we can solve the climate crisis.”

For more information, and to see the presentations for all 24 time zones, please visit http://climaterealityproject.org<http://climaterealityproject.org/.