Yahoo Finance: Guinness World Records Marks Social Media Day with Announcement of Latest Social Media Records

Ustream establishes a Guinness World Record for the Most Content Ingested by an Online Video Service, as measured by hours per minute. Over the course of a year (from June 2010 to May 2011), Ustream users ingested 3.721 million hours, averaging 70.49 hours per minute. Peak content ingestion occurred in May 2011 with 83.36 hours pers minute, nearly double that of YouTube, which announced 48 hours of content per minute.

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Billboard: The Billboard Live Q&A David Guetta

Billboard posts a quick story about an upcoming Q&A session with David Guetta in Ustream’s new LA-based Ustream Studio. The article notes Guetta’s upcoming album release and offers a lengthy list of Guetta’s collaborators. A video for Guetta’s new single, “Where Them Girls At” is embedded in the article and there’s an invitation for fans to submit questions for the famous DJ/producer to potentially address during his live Q&A.

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The Atlantic Wire: Anthony Weiner Has Resigned

Adam Clark Estes provides to-the-minute updates as Anthony Weiner’s resignation speech is broadcast live on Ustream. He offers reports from the ground, where the heckler is identified as Benji from the Howard Stern radio show and includes quotes from Weiner’s speech. The article includes a screen shot of the broadcast.

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All Things D: The Unlikely Breakout Stars of WWDC: Two Podcasters from the UK

All Things D’s Liz Gannes interviews two Apple fans from the UK regarding their broadcast of the WWDC keynote speeches and product releases from their Ustream channel. The pair, whose channel was featured and promoted on Ustream, broadcasted blurry video feeds of the keynote, audio feeds, and desktop screencasts of the Edgadget liveblog while commenting and responding to commenters.

The broadcasters reached an estimated 40k viewers concurrently at their peak. They recounted how they crashed Ustream in previous years.

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TechCrunch: Ning and Ustream Launch In-Depth Integration To Allow Creators to Stream Live Video

TechCrunch’s Leena Rao reports on Ustream and Ning’s integrated partnership, whereby Ning network creators can broadcast Ustream’s live video and audio, including a chat capabilities. Networks hosted by Ning, the world’s largest custom, social website creation platform, can now easily embed live video content. Rao also mentions that this partnership kicks off with a live Pre-Show Q&A broadcast by Weezer.

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Washington Post: Want to Watch Videos of Life, Unedited? Take a Dip in a Steady Stream

Melissa Bell examines the rising popularity of live broadcasted video on the internet. She uses a few examples to demonstrate the the wider reach, greater variety, and shared social experience of live broadcasted video that contributes to its advantage over traditional media like television, and references the growing popularity of Ustream in particular.

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MediaPost VidBlog: Ustream Lets You Pay to Ditch the Ads

Steve Smith of MediaPost’s VidBlog offers a quick run down of Ustream’s new Premium Memberships product. Smith reports that Ustream’s premium service combines ad-free viewing with special recognition for members at a cost of $3.99/month. He goes on to describe the typical lukewarm reception that users often have for ad-free services, and goes on to note that this product was developed in reaction to users’ overwhelming requests as they watched feeds like the Decorah Eagles and the Shiba Inu Puppy Cam. The service removes pre-rolls, overlays, and in-stream advertising.

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