Time NewsFeed: Cuteness Alert: New Litter of Shiba Inu Puppies Hits the Web

Erin Skarda of Time NewsFeed recommends the Shiba Inu Puppy Cam to lighten up your life in those moments between mundane tasks. Despite the risks to readers’ productivity, she recaps the story of Kika’s two previous litters and introduces each member of the latest “C-Team.” She also provides us with links to previous coverage of the Shiba Inu cam.

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Huffington Post: Real-Time Social Learning — The Decorah Eagles Captivate Millions

Huffington Post contributor, Beverly Macy, reports on Ustream’s live feed of the Raptor Resource’s Decorah Eagle Cam, which offers an intimate glimpse into the nest of two Iowa-based Eagles as they nurture their three eggs and, subsequent eaglets. Macy briefly describes the nonprofit, Raptor Resource’s work to preserve rare bird populations, and the popularity of their broadcast, which has attracted millions of viewers world-wide.

Macy goes on to discuss the significance of this event as it relates to education, science, and society. Pointing out that the wide-spread interest in the Eagle Cam signifies a shift in teaching and learning tools, she compares traditional schools and corporate training models to the opportunities presented through technology platforms. Taking into account Ustream’s social component, the opportunities for real-time learning are endless, and the Eagle Cam is the harbinger of a new era in education and sharing.

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TechCrunch: After A Series of Big Time News Events, Ustream Hits 10M Broadcasters, 60M Monthly Unique Viewers

Alexia Tsotsis of TechCrunch reports that high profile events and news broadcasts have greatly boosted Ustream’s viewership. Highlights include:

  • 60M unique viewers across the entire network
  • Visitor growth from 18M in January to 25M in February
  • Growth trajectory of 10% in March 2011
  • 174K Broadcasters signed up in past month
  • 77% growth in mobile distribution

Tsotsis also mentions that all 4G Verizon Android will be bundled with Ustream as well, and recounts the experience of Japanese earthquake survivors who flooded Tokyo Apple stores to tune into news broadcasts being streamed on Ustream.

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New York Times: Charlie Sheen Helps Make a Name for Ustream

Jennifer Mascia of The New York Times reports on Charlie Sheen’s recent Ustream broadcasts and recaps Ustream’s story, including its founding, success with the Shiba Inu Puppy Cam, Obama’s inauguration, Michael Jackson’s funeral, and the Japanese earthquake.

Mascia features quotes from John Ham, Jason Kirk, and Lynn Fox to put Charlie Sheen’s Sheen’s Korner broadcasts in perspective with former high profile Ustream broadcasts. The article also highlights Ustream’s content team’s responsiveness to opportunities such as Sheen’s, and the manner in which Sheen’s broadcast boosted viewership on Ustream.

Generally, Mascia demonstrates a symbiotic relationship between Sheen’s content and Ustream’s platform.

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