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The Wall Street Journal: Tech Buoys San Francisco

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Pui-Wing Tam and Nick Wingfield of The Wall Street Journal reported that San Francisco is enjoying a second wind of tech companies moving in and setting up shop. The tech industry is now taking over 30% of San Francisco’s commercial real estate which can possibly lead to more jobs. Ustream CEO and co-founder, John Ham reveals that he was persuaded to move to San Francisco after being quoted lease rates that are half that, of Palo Alto.

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MTV: Drake: Lil Wayne Is ‘The Icon’

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MTV’s James Dinh gave an overview of the Drake and Katie Couric interview broadcast live on Ustream. Drake opened up about how he felt about Lil Wayne’s solitary confinement, Drake’s upcoming mixtape It’s Never Enough, and artists he hopes to work with including Beyonce, Andre 3000, and Justin Timberlake.

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