Anna's Hummingbird Nest - Babies Rescued

Anna's Hummingbird Nest - Babies Rescued


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Anna's Hummingbird Nest - Babies Rescued

Anna's Hummingbird Nest - Babies Rescued

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Update June 11, 2013
Spoke to WildWing yesterday - hummingbird babies are in with about 25 to 30 hummingbird chicks! The group is doing fine and some of the older chicks have been moved outside to the aviary This probably includes our two since they have been at WildWing for 3 and a half weeks and were already 2 weeks old. We will update on their release once we have more to report.

Update May 22, 2013
Spoke to WildWing yesterday - chicks are doing well. Posted video of handing over nest to WildWing and first feeding on Facebook page:
Join us there for updates.

Update May 17, 2013
Just spoke to WildWing Rehabilitation. The chicks are doing well!

Update May 16, 2013
The nest and both chicks are now at WildWing Rehabilitation. They arrived in fine shape and were alert. According to WildWing, the chicks are old enough and strong enough that they will be fine. WildWing will handfeed them, then transition them to self feeding, and eventually they will be released.

Here's how it unfolded: The mother hummingbird was missing since mid morning today, at least. The older chick was vocalizing in distress. A couple of alert ustreamers chatted the fact that they had been on but had not seen the mother. I was concerned about the vocal chick getting the attention of grackles (one of which I chased off the lawn nearby). I started making calls, just in case the mother did not return. She did not return.

I received help and guidance from Sherri Williamson (author of Field Guide to Hummingbirds of North America), Liberty Wildlife, and WildWing Rehabilitation during the day. Sherri Williamson walked me through the procedure to keep the babies going with sugar water. Then we waited and waited for the mother to return. I am very grateful to several ustreamers who were watching and reporting for me as I went back and forth to the nest, the streaming computer, and chat. When it became apparent in the afternoon that the mother was not back and the smaller chick was not doing as well, we followed the rescue instructions: we removed the branch with the nest and delivered the branch and nest to WildWing in Phoenix. As soon as I can, I will upload visuals from this, though it might take me a couple of days.

Thank you, everyone. The chicks survival was a group effort. And thank you to the ustreamers for passing the word along when I had to be elsewhere.

Older updates:
Anna's Hummingbird is the common name for this "Calypte anna" hummingbird. The nest is in Tempe, Arizona. The chicks hatched on May 2 and 3, 2013. Check out for more info, videos, and pictures.
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Update May 15, 2013
Chicks are 12 and 13 days old and fuzzy.

We are using a backup computer to stream ... less powerful but more reliable. The logic board on the other computer was failing in slow motion. Apple will be ordering and replacing the board over the next several days.

Update May 14, 2013
Chicks are 11 and 12 days old, their eyes are open, and they are getting feathers.

We have hit the technology wall with the USB cable and with the computer harddrive. The camera may be off in the mornings while we address technical limitations. Thanks for your patience!

Update May 8, 2013
Chicks are 5 and 6 days old. You can see the tip of their beaks now have a touch of black.

Update May 6, 2013
Chicks 3 and 4 days old. Another breezy day. We are constantly working on backlight adjustments. Light changes through the day - best in afternoon. Special thanks to our lovely neighbor for access to the tree! Thanks for coming by.

Update May 5, 2013
Another breezy day. Chicks riding in the nest, below the rim.

Outage done! More like an hour than a minute, but a connection problem was diagnosed and repaired. Thanks for your patience.

Update May 3, 2013
Second chick hatched this evening!

Update May 2, 2013
First chick hatched late morning! It is a windy day.

Thanks for coming by and for your patience. Working on cable run and learning the limits of image quality with set up today.

Update May 1, 2013
We are running a broadcast test. This webcam has cable run greater than 75 ft.

If all goes well, we plan to start broadcasting tomorrow. Warning to viewers ... this is a high risk city nest location!
Thanks for coming by.

Update May 1, 2013
The young female has been sitting the nest with 2 eggs. It is getting very close to hatch time.
The large juniper tree that she has selected is used as a rest stop for many kinds of birds as they move from open space into the cover of nearby yards. These birds include nest raiders. The tree is in our neighbor's yard, about 60 - 70 feet away from the Anna's nest that was raided by the Thrashers in April 2013. This newer nest is about 9 feet off the ground.
This nest site is on the same busy street, several feet away from a driveway that is in daily use. It is also only a few feet from an alley used by pedestrians and animals (cats, dogs). A few days ago, we installed a small webcam, well hidden in the leaves and branches, with the cable running through the leaves and under the nearby eaves.

The nest is both near heavy bird/human/animal traffic and well hidden in the vegetation.

Update April 19, 2013
The female with the new nest has two eggs now. And a paint chip decorating the nest.

Update April 17, 2013
The younger female is sitting her new nest most of the day now and has one egg as of last night.
The first female returns to the yard but her nest is farther away than this new nest.

The slides in the Off Air mode:
First Anna's Hummingbird on her nest
First Anna's Hummingbird feeds a new chick
First hummingbird chicks 5 and 6 days old
Thrasher in yard
Nest after Thrasher attack
Newly fledged Thrasher chick
New female Anna's Hummingbird on new nest

Thank you to all the kind Ustreamers who have sent their good wishes. Thank you for coming by the channel!

Update April 16, 2013
The younger female is sitting on her new nest several trees away today. She was on and off earlier and mostly off yesterday.

On our front porch step this morning was a stack of handmade thank you and sympathy cards from elementary school children. They were filled with kindness and drawings.

Update April 15, 2013
We took a picture of the female in the new nest and compared it to the mother of the original nest. The new female looks younger (less red throat patch). The first female comes through the yard daily but goes farther away than this new nest when she leaves.

The Thrasher chicks have fledged. There is one in the backyard this morning, looking very cute, (wouldn't you know) and uncertain. It is following a parent. A female hummingbird came and harassed the adult Thrasher earlier, then gathered spider webs and left. You know who we think that was.

Update April 14, 2013
There is another Anna's Hummingbird nest very close by. We initially thought it was the same female, but it may be one of the other Anna's that have been about. It is not on our property, but we wanted you to know. The nest is still under construction.

Update April 13, 2013.

The nest was attacked the morning of April 11 by the Thrashers that nest above. The hummingbird chicks are gone. The mother is no longer returning to the nest. She is collecting materials and leaving the yard. She had been angrily chasing any Thrasher, but is no longer doing so.

We have seen the Thrashers come back to the nest at least once. We have read that they will destroy Towhee nests in their territory. It may be that they are trying to that to her nest (Update: the Thrashers did not destroy the nest). The condition of the nest is degrading. The Thrashers continue to scavenge on the ground in the area and the Thrasher chicks are getting louder in the background.

There is another hummingbird nest high up in a tree very nearby. Several days ago, we saw both Thrashers at it, with the female hummingbird defending it. That nest also appears abandoned now. We do not know what caused the nest to be abandoned: the Thrashers? the wind storm? A hummingbird was seen scavenging material from it this morning.

We are going to leave the channel up for now so followers can be informed. We will not change out to night cam, however. We plan to convert it over to a slide show soon and leave a selection of videos for interested viewers.

Thanks so much for coming by. You Ustreamers have been wonderful.

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Many, many thanks for the kind condolences. They have been gratefully received.