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Ingrid Michaelson on Radio Sophie

Yes another great music performance tonight on Ustream… Indie-darling singer-songwriter Ingrid Michaelson will perform a special birthday set for our friends down at Radio Sophie in the San Diego. The festivities begin tonight, 6/25, at 6:30 pm Pacific / 9:30 … Continue reading

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Ustream.TV: AlwaysOn and ShowingOff

Does it sound count as showing off if we announce an award with a healthy dose of blushing? Either way, I’m bashfully proud to announce that Ustream.TV has been chosen by AlwaysOn as an OnHollywood 100 company. And of the … Continue reading

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Caption Contest #2: Horned Female Sports Ustream Shwag

I’m not even sure what to say to this. Its definitely crazier than the last picture we had. Same game, same shirt – Come up with a caption (and in this case the sign text as well) and winner’s gets … Continue reading

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SpaceVidCast Presents… the Universe

One of the greatest thrills of a social media platform like Ustream.TV is watching how an idea you would have never thought of, simply work. Technology Evangelist Benjamin Higginbotham utilizes the Ustream platform to present the vastness of the universe … Continue reading

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Birth 2.0 Redux

We at Ustream.TV love to see the platform being used to live broadcast those once-in-lifetime moments. Chalk another special one up for the community: Last Wednesday, March 19th, the Ustream.TV community was privileged to usher in the birth of a … Continue reading

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SXSW: Pics with the Geico Caveman

Amidst all the networking and the pitching and the running around that SXSW requires and all the craziness that ensues, you get these cerebral moments of zaniness that can only be explained in a series of a thousand words. So … Continue reading

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Can Ya Digg It? Digg Town Hall to be LIVE on Ustream!

On Monday night, February 25th, the first ever Digg Town Hall will take place. Starting at 6pm (PST) Kevin Rose (Founder) and Jay Adelson (CEO) from Digg will be streaming live with Ustream.tv in order to interact, discuss, and hang … Continue reading

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2008 Complete Lunar Eclipse: How a Random Ustreamer Made My Night

Nothing is more boring that a Lunar Eclipse. You spend hours staring at a somewhat normal moon, your legs get tired, and whatever previous excitement you may have had quickly dwindles leaving you with nothing but strained eyes. Yet…a Lunar … Continue reading

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Calling All Ustreamers! Vote Ustream.TV for SXSW People’s Choice Award!

First, the good news: Ustream.TV has been selected as a finalist for the prestigious SXSW Web Awards! We have all been nominated in the TV/Film category, the winner of which will be selected by a panel of SXSW judges, and … Continue reading

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Chick-chick-boom: The First International Beatbox Battle Convention to be on Ustream this Friday!

Beatboxing: the art of producing drum beats, rhythm, and musical sounds using one’s mouth, lips, tongue, and voice, all while sounding freaking sweet. Its one of those things that pushes the limits of human creativity and musical talent, and when … Continue reading

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