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Bad Pitch, Good Cause, Fun Show

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Guinness Book of World Records. What kid hasn’t flipped through the pages documenting the pillars of human achievements and thought, Hey, I could beat some of these records.

Starting August 1, 5 AM PDT / 8 AM EDT, PK Gillock of charity site Isara.org will actually go through with our collective childhood aspirations, in an attempt to unseat the current Karaoke session world record of 39+ hours. Best of all,you can watch 40+ hour test of body, mind and ear drums right here on Ustream.

PK Gillock will be raising funds for Isara.org, a three year old charity responsible for over 60 humanitarian projects in 4 countries, including dozens of scholarships and a free learning center in northeastern Thailand.

PK and Isara.org will be taking YOUR requests in coordination with the fundraising effort. Be a part of the annals of Karaoke’s hallowed history — register for Isara.org or donate $5 for your very own song request.

Get yourself hyped (and a pair of ear plugs):