Hackathon Recap – 21 ideas, 11 teams, One goal!

Edustream (Eduteam):
Edustream is a sub-brand of Ustream, where people can find educational contents from all around the globe. This development is to educate and inspire millions of users, find great tools, affordable pro services and support or broadcast live as you strengthen your remote and homebound students engagement.
At the end of the competition the team created a communication & marketing strategy for the project, the output of which was a well-designed lead generating website.


Ustream attention map (Geolition):
This project focus was to develop a live attention map to present current streams in real-time. Users could browse on the world map and detect interesting peaks (popular streams) anywhere on the globe, and easily preview the content.
The team built a working prototype where the number of streams was visualized on a world map and previews of the streams were instantly available.

Ustream Live Alerts (OpenPoppyCaller):
Ustream Live Alerts is a desktop application which displays a notification when one of your followed channel goes online or a show gets popular near you. Using this application users won’t miss the best live moments anymore.
The prototype of the app was developed to Windows desktop and Android mobile platform.


OpenDuty (Call of Duty):
OpenDuty project was built to provide a proper alerting system for Ustream teams with on call duty. The solution handles duty rotation, escalation, SMS and phone notification as well.
An internal SMS gateway, a Pagerduty compatible REST API, and a basic admin dashboard was developed to the end of the competition.

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