The Evolution Of Live- Ustream Gets An Upgrade!

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Introducing Networks, More Control, And New Look!

After several months of tireless effort by the Ustream Engineers, we introduce to you an upgraded, and even easier Ustream.TV. This launch is jam packed with features from the ability with one click to send your video to 20 different video sharing sites, to brand new channel page customization, to our elite Networks. Explore more below!


Some shows will now be organized based on common themes to bring together broadcasters with similar interests and making content easier for viewers to discover. The new network categories include: The Stage (music; performing arts), Video Games/Sports, People, Tech (technology and innovation), The Zoo (pets, outdoors, animals), and, Religion.

Ustream.TV-designated moderators will select shows to include in networks ensuring consistency with the network theme and improving the viewer’s experience. In addition, each network will have its own landing page featuring a network-wide chat room where viewers can interact and discuss the network’s content, share content discoveries, especially, long tail content, and express thoughts related to the network’s topic. Imagine for The Zoo network, people can talk about their pets in the network chat. This allows viewers with common interests to meet on the networks page, thereby building community.

The People Network


New Broadcaster

We now have a new and improved Broadcaster panel. It easier than ever to broadcast and record live video. Look for much more functionality here in the future!


Show selector

Viewers can now scroll through a horizontal carousel displaying thumbnails of live broadcasts. This allows viewers to quickly browse through the live broadcasts to find interesting content.


Recorded Video Favorites (Clips)

A broadcaster can select specific videos from their recorded videos archive to be highlighted on their show page while they are off air. Now a broadcaster can control his brand and image to viewers as well as retain viewers on his site longer by selecting videos to display. Additionally, broadcasters can now increase their off-air presence by choosing to run favorite recorded clips on their show page when they are not broadcasting live. This allows broadcasters to have a 24X7 video presence, whether they are live or not – visitors to their show page can always get great content.


Recorded Video Conversion Tools

Broadcasters now have a simple, easy-to-use process to edit, share and distribute Ustream.TV content across the Internet. They can convert their Ustream.TV recorded video into MPEG-4, QuickTimeâ„¢ (.mov) or Windows WMV file formats. Typically, broadcasters pay for such a service. Today, Ustream.TV is providing this service free to its broadcasters. (Powered by HeyWatch)

Content syndication

Broadcasters now have an easy-to-use way to syndicate their Ustream.TV content to other sites. With a few clicks, they can syndicate to video sites such as YouTube, Facebook , and Revver. (Powered by Heyspread)


Ustream Partner Shows – Multiple Video Streams on a Single Page

This new functionality combines the capabilities of multi-user video conferencing and webcasting. Broadcasters can feature up to six additional, simultaneous broadcasts on their individual show page. This will promote collaborative online broadcasts as well serve as a teleconferencing feature. For example, a broadcaster who is a musician can ‘jam’ with other musicians remotely as they collaborate to write a song together. Or, you can add your favorite shows to your page to show your support for them!


Customizable Show Pages

This new feature allows Ustream.TV broadcasters to personalize their show pages with different color palettes and customizable banners. An example follows.


Customization Panel in Ustream.TV

With Ustream.TV’s new Show Page Customization interface, users can upload colorful show banners and backgrounds, and choose colors for headers and text. With these enhanced customization tools, broadcasters will be able create unique show identities and fully make their show pages their own. Furthermore, broadcasters will also be able to include “Partner Shows” on their show pages; partner shows are shows that the broadcaster has chosen to highlight on their show page.

Permanent Moderators

Ustream.TV broadcasters can now designate permanent moderators for their show’s chat room. Broadcasters can recruit trusted viewers to serve as moderators, enhancing community, and allowing broadcasters to focus on their show.

Ustream.TV World Records

A fun page for users to see interesting first time events and feats performed on Ustream.TV. Ustream.TV staff will now identify broadcasters who have been the first to perform a certain task or notable feat while broadcasting live. Category examples include:
– Do a magic trick
– Get married
– Go on a date
– Shoot a 3-pointer
Broadcasters submit their recorded videos to be reviewed by the Ustream.TV World Records’ judges and, if they qualify, there video will be posted on the Ustream.TV World Records for the entire world to see.

Can You Podcast For 24 Hours Straight? GeekNewsCentral Can When It Helps Charity!

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Todd Conchrane of Geek News Central will be podcasting for 24 hours straight hours for charity tomorrow, and he needs all of our help keeping him awake. He will have a ton of GREAT special guests to join him in the effort as well. I think he may set two world records, longest podcast and the most guests ever.

Todd is doing this to raise money for laptops for children around the country. To help Benefit to Raise Money for One Laptop Per Child, please Donate via PayPal @

His guests include everyone from Roxanne Darling of Beachwalks to Matt Hill a Voyager II Scientist. For the full list click here

You can watch Todd on his Ustream channel:

Good Luck Todd!

NH Primary Democratic Debate Live Tonight at 6pm EST

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Why is an organization based in New York so interested in preserving New Hampshire’s first in-the-nation presidential primary?

“New Hampshire is the only state in the nation where the average American, who is passionate about their country’s policies and has a dream of running for president of the United States, still has the opportunity to campaign and be heard,” says Greg Larkin from Initiatives for Empowerment (I4E), a non profit organization based in Harlem.

I4E is inviting all Democrats who have filed for the New Hampshire Presidential Primary to participate in this three-part debate series that will take place at MCAM and will be broadcast live beginning this Thursday, Dec. 20 at 6 p.m.

The discussion will center on social, financial and foreign policy issues, and the panel will be made up of teachers, bankers and service people. Mike Gravel and Henry Hewes, among others, will be attending all three debates. Future debates are scheduled
for Thursday, Dec. 27 and Thursday, Jan. 3.

What I love about debates like this, is that it gives the lesser known guys the opportunity for a national stage all made possible by Ustream’s free, global platform. Mike Gravel has already been snubbed before by mainstream media. Did you know there are like 45 candidates actually running for President? I know I didn’t.

Be sure to check out tonights debates by visiting here:

Chingy, Steph Jones, Lansdowne Chat With Fans Live

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chingy1.jpgWe had a great interactive week at Ustream! In partnership with, numerous major artists chatted with with their fans live on Ustream.TV.

First was Chingy, then Steph Jones, and finally Lansdowne (ADDED: I forgot A Fine Frenzy!). I love seeing artists stepping out to interact with the very people who have made them successful. And guess what, from what I’ve seen the Artists are LOVING chatting with their fans. Just about every artist we have watched had to be pulled off the chat…. Interaction is everything. They are starting to get it.

The walls between celebrities and the public continue to come down. I had a great discussion with Mark Rizzn from on this topic earlier in the week. Getting the labels to this point has been slow, but the live interactive experiences with the artists have been so powerful that it was WELL worth the wait.

Miss the live chats? Watch the replays!

Steph Jones Live Chat:,gfyZxF48Nku400MZvteE4Pm

Lansdowne Chat:,XILSjBrvvqhDepoD5w,c17KVfF0iJ4I


iHollywood- Stars Stream Live On Ustream –

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In cooperation with Warner Bros. Pictures, the Ustream Entertainment division streamed a live, interactive red carpet event this past Sunday for a upcoming major film called “The Bucket List”.

Fans who tuned in live saw Morgan Freeman, John Mayer and yes…even Jack Nicholson himself.

You can check out the interviews with Morgan Freeman and John Mayer below!


Cali Lewis Christmas Party Tonight! With Geoff Smith LIVE in Concert!

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We all love her and she returns tonight! Tech star Cali Lewis will be LIVE for her 2007 Christmas Streaming Party! And guess what- she has a special guest. Joining her tonight will be musical sensation Geoff Smith ( Geoff will be debuting his new Christmas Album live on Ustream.

So join Cali and Geoff for some festive songs and a great Ustream time!

Be sure also to check out Cali and Geekbrief’s latest tech podcasts at:

Can You Handle The Truth? Warner Bros Pictures “The Bucket List” LIVE Red Carpet Premiere This Sunday

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This Sunday at 4pm PST, Warner Bros Pictures will do a Live, Interactive Red Carpet event for “The Bucket List” from the Cinerama Dome on Sunset Blvd.

It will be your opportunity to chat live and watch the film’s celebrities such as Jack Nicholson, Morgan Freeman, Sean Hayes, Rob Morrow, Beverly Todd, director Rob Reiner, producers Craig Zadan, Neil Meron, Alan Greisman, writer Justin Zackham.

To watch the live feed, please visit here >> The Bucket List

Ustream has done many live Hollywood events in the past such as ABC’s Dirty Sexy Money and FX Networks Nip/Tuck.

So what in the world is The Bucket List? Here’s some short info:

Corporate billionaire Edward Cole (JACK NICHOLSON) and working class mechanic Carter Chambers (MORGAN FREEMAN) are worlds apart. At a crossroads in their lives they share a hospital room and discover they have two things in common: a desire to spend the time they have left doing everything they ever wanted to do, and an unrealized need to come to terms with who they are and the choices they’ve made. Together they embark on the road trip of a lifetime, becoming friends along the way and learning to live life to the fullest — with humor, insight, heart…and a fair amount of attitude.

Warner Bros. Pictures presents a Zadan Meron/Reiner Greisman Production of a Rob Reiner Film: Academy Award winners Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman in the comedy drama “The Bucket List,” starring Emmy Award winner Sean Hayes (“Will & Grace”) and three-time Golden Globe nominee Rob Morrow (“Northern Exposure”).

Directed by Rob Reiner (Oscar nominee for “A Few Good Men”) from a screenplay by Justin Zackham (“Going Greek”), the film is produced by Craig Zadan and Neil Meron (“Hairspray”), Alan Greisman (“Soapdish”) and Rob Reiner. Executive producers are Travis Knox (“Hairspray”), Justin Zackham and Jeffrey Stott (“Seinfeld”).

For more information, please visit:

Sen. Obama and Oprah Go Live – Sen. McCain Streams For Private House Parties

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obamaoprah.jpgWe continue to lead the political world in demonstrating the power of live video in the internet. People interacting and watching live is democracy in action.

This past weekend was no exception. Senator Barack Obama rallied with TV star Oprah Winfrey live from South Carolina on Ustream. The rally had nearly 80,000 people in attendance and the live stream almost matched that with close to 77,000 views over the course of the 4 hour rally. Currently the archived video has about 43,000 views.

If you missed it, please check out the replays:
Obama’s Speech:,zWfP91noJbmXc8aSIKDpg
Oprah’s Speech:,cUTtIQ

Republican Senator John Mccain also streamed live this past Sunday to 14 house parties across the country dubbed “Fiestas For McCain.” The private webcast allowed various house parties to interact and speak with Senator McCain in real time.


“Rhett and Link” Make Ustream Debut

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rl.jpgRhett and Link (from made their Ustream Debut this week. If you missed the episode, you gotta watch the replay:

Rhett and Link LIVE Episode 1.

I’ve had the opportunity to work with these guys the past few weeks and love them. Rhett and Link’s dry sense of humor kills me. These guys are not acting, they are naturally “pee in your pants funny.”

See them perform their song “Cornhole” Live..

Check them out every Friday at 12pm EST or 9am PST (5pm London) here: