More Thoughts On Democratization Of Live Video- Hockey on Ustream

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hockey.jpgI had more thoughts today on the power of democratization of live video. Ustream’s solution for live interactive television over the Internet
differs in two important ways from traditional television:

1) It is turnkey and easily scalable, which means that it is both easy and economical to broadcast shows on a much smaller scale. TV networks require audiences in the millions to be viable; Ustream broadcasts can be successful with a handful of viewers. Yet Ustream broadcasts can also scale up to over 100,000 viewers without a problem.

This means that it’s easy to broadcast shows, and that Ustream provides the scalability broadcasters need to take advantage if their program turns out to be a hit.

2) It is live and interactive, which means that viewers can interact with each other, or even the broadcaster during the course of the broadcast. This makes Ustream videos a highly engaging experience. Instead of watching a game while sitting alone in a hotel room, you can watch with your friends. You can even yell back at the video, and the broadcaster might actually listen.

This week I’ve been following a great local sporting event the Yarmouth Mariners VS Lumber Kings from the Lobster Pot Tournament. Traditional TV would never broadcast this hockey game–they could never make enough money to offset the costs. But the fans that tuned in got to watch their favorite team live, and carried on quite a lively running commentary in the associated Ustream chat room.

Ustream is the solution that lets local sports and other events to compete with the big boys. Why watch Oakland Raiders or Dallas Stars for the umpteenth time when you can watch the teams and people you really care about?


Women’s Professional Football? – Dallas Diamonds vs SoCal Scorpions LIVE

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dallasdiamonds.jpgOne of the powerful aspects of Ustream is watching live streams that are meaningful to you, not just those events with hundreds or thousands of people watching.

So when 15-20 people watched the Dallas Diamonds vs SoCal Scorpions @ Dallas today, I was glad to know these people watched a live event that mattered to them. I even chatted with a lady in the same league from Indiana who had a bye that day.

The Dallas Diamonds, the reigning 3-time Champions of the Women’s Professional Football League (WPFL), have just started the 2007 season on Ustream.TV.

Mainstream media would never be able to afford the costs of showing football games like the Diamonds. But now with Ustream and other similar services you can see those great, local content.

They say all politics are local, well, I think Ustreams are local too.

For more information on the Dallas Diamonds and women’s professional football visit:


Hak5 LIVE –

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hak5.jpgWe love the Hak5 guys at Ustream because they do great shows that are both humorous and helpful. This week’s show had great information about password protection and encryption.

Hak5 Live is a geeky late-night talk show featuring the the Hak5 cast, in studio guests and live callers. Segments focus on a round-table tech show-and-tell, questions, community projects, contests, and whatever tickles our technolust.

You can learn more about Hak5 at


Ustream.TV Official Sponsor of World Cyber Games

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World Cyber GamesUstream.TV will provide wall to wall coverage of the World Cyber Games October 3-7th and the WCG US Qualifying Sept 14-16th. As a sponsor of the event, we will provide exclusive live access with in game views and full gaming coverage in partnership with Global Gaming League Inc. (GGL).

The World Cyber Games is the world’s first “Cyber Games Festival” designed to build a healthy cyber culture. The best gamers around the world gather into different cities to share the excitement and fun of the gaming tournament. The festivals and competition culminate with 12 titles at the Finals in Seattle this year.

For more information on the World Cyber Games, please visit:


Senator Tim Johnson Says “Thank You” On Ustream.TV

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tim_johnson.jpgUS Senator Tim Johnson and his wife Barbara Johnson thanked South Dakotans for their support, thoughts, and prayers at a “Welcome Home Celebration” in Sioux Falls LIVE on Ustream.TV today.

If you will recall, Senator Johnson had brain surgery back in December and it has been a long journey home for Tim, after eight months of hospitalization and rehabilitation in Washington.

We wish him all the best.

For more information on Tim Johnson, please visit

To see the replay of Senator Johnson’s speech see below:

The Knights Online Tournament Starts Tomorrow!

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Knights Online at Ustream.TVThe Knight Online Team over at K2 Network has been preparing for the upcoming Inter-Server Wars that will be celebrating the Knight Online Gaming Festival running from August 24th – August 31st. Since Friday, August 24th they have been broadcasting live streaming video from their Boss Events which are held for both of the nations in the game (Karus and El Morad). On August 29th & 30th at 10:00AM PDT, the preliminaries will be streamed over 6 live channels and will cover six separate wars with hundreds of players from all over the world. On August 31st at 8:00AM and 12:00PM PDT, the two separate wars of the finals will be broadcast.

For more information, check out!

To see the event live on Ustream, check it out here:


Sen. Hillary Clinton and Gov. Mike Huckabee Stream LIVE on Ustream.TV

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clinton1.jpgWith the political season heating up and Presidential candidates jocking for position and attention, Senator Hillary Clinton and Gov. Mike Huckabee streamed LIVE once again on Ustream.TV. Senator Clinton first appeared on Ustream from a breakout session at the YearlyKos convention. Gov. Huckabee is the first major Republican Presidential candidate to stream live on Ustream. Both appeared before a large audience in Orlando, FL at the IAMAW Staff Conference.

To see a replay of the streams, please see here:—orlando-flGov Mike Huckabee on Ustream.TV

Mason Meets Jody – And We Saw It LIVE

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mason.jpgTonight I watched two of our popular Ustreamers Mason ( and Jody Gnant ( meet face to face for the first time.

It was a powerful moment for me personally because I witnessed two people’s lives coming together because of the medium we created. I also got to hear some of Jody’s music, which sounded great.

As the Ustream Community continues to grow, I hope more people meet, more people stream and more people put shoes on their head.

Don’t forget to support the Ustream Community – Make sure you buy Jody’s CD when it comes out!