Ustream.TV Now Has Twitter Integration!

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twitter1.pngWe now have Twitter Integration for broadcasters! You can now easily notify your friends, community, pals, associates, lovers and haters that you are broadcasting live directly from your broadcast console. Twittering has never been easier…

To set up, go to My Profile, External API’s, Twitter. Then enter your Twitter Username and password. That’s it!

Stay informed of cool events and streams on Ustream.TV by joining the official Ustream.TV Twitter at

Gregory Itzen of FOX’s 24 to Appear on Filmnut – Ustream Welcomes

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Gregory Itzen of FOX's 24 LIVE at Filmnut by Thestream.tvUstream.TV is proud to welcome a series of new shows to our nightly line produced by Thestream.TV.

Thestream.TV is bringing their entire line up of nightly shows to Ustream.TV. These shows include “Show Us the Funny!”, “Green Health Live”, “Guide to Getting a Life”, “Coin-Op TV Live
Gaming Culture News & Industry Guests”, “Lovestream”, “Live! From the Future…with Stuart Paap!”, “Filmnut” and many more!

Actor Gregory Itzin of FOX’s 24 will be LIVE on Ustream.TV. He has also appeared on Boston Legal, Firefly, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Enterprise & Voyager, Judging Amy, The O.C., Friends, The Practice, The West Wing, Quantum Leap, Matlock and Beverly Hills 90210. Movie credits include Adaptation, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, and Airplane!. His IMDB credits are indeed vast. Itzin recently completed principle photography of the independent feature film “Float.” He’ll be joining us to discuss big budget vs. indie projects and to talk about production in general from an actor’s point of view.

Chat with him live during the broadcast on Wednesday, August 8th, 2007 at 8pm PST (11pm EST).

The Stream of Consciousness Online Television Network ( is a Los Angeles based, online, independent TV station that airs all of its live, interactive shows out of the same 15′x11′ studio on Wilshire Blvd. Brian Gramo,’s founder, has personally directed nearly 300 live shows since the network launched in January 2007. Viewers that visit the site during a live show can send in questions or comments to the hosts and guests via all major instant messenger services. LIVE on Ustream.TV

Ustream + YearlyKos = Democracy in Action

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Ustream.TV LIVE Presidential Debate

It’s been a whirlwind couple of days here in Chicago, where Ustream has been
streaming the annual YearlyKos convention. My co-founder John Ham and I
have worked our tails off trying to cover as much as we can, while meeting
as many folks as possible (Our other founders, Gyula Feher and Adam Katona,
didn’t make the trip from Budapest…just a little too far!).

While we streamed the entire convention, certainly the highlight was
Saturday’s Presidential Forum, featuring Democratic candidates (in
alphabetical order by last name) Hillary Clinton, Chris Dodd, John Edwards,
Mike Gravel, Dennis Kucinich, Barack Obama, and Bill Richardson.

At one point, we had 2,500 people watching and chatting…and
unlike traditional television, these viewers were fully engaged in a
conversation that was at times thought-provoking, funny, brutal, insightful,
and most of all, passionately engaged. Over 40,000 people at one point or another tuned in to watch a portion of the convention. This is amazing because there were only 1,400 there in attendance!

But don’t take my word for it–check out some of the 516 comments on the

John and I got to the convention center every morning to stake out the best
possible spot for the cameras. There we were, with our little video cams,
surrounded and dwarfed by the entourages and equipment of over 200 members
of the traditional press. And yet despite all those cameras and reporters,
Ustream was the only network to carry a critical debate between these
Democratic presidential candidates LIVE:

At one point, one of the cameramen was jockeying for position, and
commented, “The real media should have the best spots.” To which I replied,
“You’re spending the whole day here, and how much of this convention are you
going to broadcast? A 5-second sound bite? We’re broadcasting the whole
thing. Let the people decide what they want to watch. We are the people’s media.”

That’s the beauty of Ustream. Instead of letting other people decide what
you *get* to see, you can choose for yourself. Of course, citizen
journalists aren’t likely to have trucks full of production crews to deliver
HD-quality video with reaction shots of the crowd. But the real choice here
isn’t between Ustream and CNN; it’s between Ustream in all its “low-def
glory” and no coverage at all.

Now what we’d really love is to do the same thing with the Republican
candidates. We’d love to help every candidate out there really connect with

The Internet is bringing the democracy back to politics, and we’re grateful
to be a part of it.

And for those of you who missed it, here are some of the highlights:

Here I am interviewing former General Wesley Clark. In this 10 minute
conversation, we took a bunch of questions from the chat room, touching on
Iraq, Guantanamo, and the recent actions of the Supreme Court. (Sound starts about mid-clip)

We look forward to streaming more events and appreciate all the support from the community!

One last great blog entry on “Why This Election Will Be Won Online”

Best Regards,

Brad Hunstable
Founder, Ustream.TV

Ustream.TV LIVE Presidential DebateUstream.TV LIVE Presidential Debate
Senator Barack ObamaSenator Hillary Clinton LIVE on Ustream.TVdsc01423.jpg

Governor Howard Dean Streams LIVE on Ustream.TV from YearlyKos

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Howard Dean LIVE on Ustream.TVLast night, Governor Howard Dean streamed his keynote speech LIVE on Ustream.TV from the YearlyKos Convention. Governor Dean gave a motivating and powerful speech to nearly 1400 in person and another 200 online.

“There is so much great content that mainstream media just doesn’t cover” says Brad Hunstable, Founder of Ustream.TV. “Ustream.TV now gives the world access to all the great conferences and events around the world.”

Tune in Saturday, August 4th for Senator Harry Reid, Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senator Chuck Schumer at 8am cst. Later that day at 1pm cst watch the Presidential Leadership Forum LIVE on Ustream.TV.

To see the full Howard Dean Speech CLICK HERE >>

All day Friday and Saturday, Ustream.TV will stream a variety of events, panels, and confernces from the Yearlykos.

Ustream.TV Founders John Ham and Brad Hunstable with Governor Howard Dean

Ustream touches everyday life

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One of the best parts about running Ustream is that we often get a chance to have an impact on people’s lives. Here’s one recent letter we received from a pastor in Fort Wayne:

We had a young couple get married at our church recently. The groom’s grandmother just can’t travel from Illinois to Fort Wayne. Three years ago for another wedding in the same family, we used a webcam for the video (every 10 seconds) and held a phone to a speaker connected to the sound system for the audio. Not a good solution.

This time we used ustream ( The grandmother watched. An uncle in California who can’t travel because of early-stage alzheimers. A friend of mine from Austin, Texas who watched because I had twittered about it. There were 13 viewers at one point for this wedding.

Ustream saved a bunch of travel money, of course, but it let those family and friends come to the wedding (and watch it afterwards as well. I tried recording for the first time as well).

Thanks for a meaningful product.

Jon Swanson

This is the kind of thing that really matters. We’re proud that Ustream is touching so many people’s lives, from weddings to graduations:

–Brad Hunstable, Founder

Ustream.TV To Provide Exclusive LIVE Coverage At YearlyKos Convention

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Ustream.TV Will Stream the YearlyKos Presidential Debate LIVEThis Thursday through Sunday (Aug 2-5th) Ustream.TV will provide exclusive LIVE coverage of the YearlyKos Convention in Chicago, IL.

The YearlyKos is an annual convention gathering people from all walks of life who belong to the Netroots community, the US-based (but globally focused and inclusive) non-partisan grassroots political action community that uses the Internet and blogs as primary tools for: expressing viewpoints, building consensus, acting to change the status quo, mobilizing huge numbers of people and informing each other and the world about current, events, grassroots actions, networks, meetings, policy and more. The YearlyKos Convention is a project of with the generous support of the Netroots Arts and Education Initiative (NAEI).

On Saturday at 1pm CST, Ustream.TV will stream LIVE the Presidential Ustream.TV Provides LIVE Coverage at YearlyKosLeadership Forum (a Democratic Presidential debate) featuring all the big names: Sen. Hillary Clinton, Sen. Barack Obama, Sen. John Edwards, Sen. Chris Dodd, Governor Bill Richardson, and other candidates. Additionally on Saturday at 8am CST, Ustream.TV will provide LIVE coverage of the Ask The Leaders Forum featuring Bob Geiger, Rep. Rahm Emanuel, Sen. Charles E. “Chuck” Schumer, Sen. Harry Reid, and Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Ustream.TV will also provide coverage of the other break-out panels and forums on a variety of topics from “All Politics Is Still Local: Local Blogging” to “The Impact of Globalization on America’s Workforce”.

For more information on the YearlyKos, please visit

TechCrunch Party 9: Thanks For Watching!

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Kris Tate at TechCrunch Party 9Ustream.TV had the honor and privilege to stream the TechCrunch Party 9 this past Friday night. Despite some early technical difficulties and limited lighting, overall it was a big success. Ustream Founder Brad Hunstable and CEO Chris Yeh, interviewed numerous Silicon Valley companies providing direct personal access. At times the chatroom was a little “spicy” (note: we will heavily moderate future events of this type), but numerous people have written us to report a incredibly engaging experience.

So who was considered the best interview? The overwhelming favorite was David Stern of Clear Stone Ventures who answered hundreds of questions about VC firms straight from our chatroom.

More pictures of the party from

Allen Sterns report on all the Ustream.TV Interviews:

Coverage from Jeremiah Owyang:

Ustream.TV at TechCrunch Party 9Ustream.TV at TechCrunch Party 9Ustream.TV at TechCrunch Party 9Ustream.TV at TechCrunch Party 9