Ustream Merch!

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We have had alot of interest in shirts and hats, so you got it!

Check out our new Merch section.


*** We also would like our users to submit their own creative T-Shirt Designs. Top Designs will become part of the official Merch Store! We also are looking for clever, smart, funny, odd, dumb QUOTES to put on the back of our T-Shirts.

If we use your design or quote, you will get a FREE T-shirt on us! *** Merch! Merch!

Software to help you Ustream – Better!

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If you have not already checked out this software, then you should!  Below are several applications than can allow you to insert pre-roll, post-roll videos, images, and music into your Ustream videos.  They will improve your viewers Ustream experience!

 WebcamMax (For Windows)

 CamTwist (For Mac Users)

SuperWebcam (For Windows)

 If anyone knows of any more great applications we can use, please let us know!

On The Shoulders of Giants

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We’ve been incredibly happy with the reception we’ve gotten from the true pioneers of the blogosphere.  Scoble, Pirillo, Jarvis, Pulver–that’s the kind of company we like to keep.  But this is special.  Here’s what Dave Winer, the inventor of blogging had to say:

“Ustream is certainly the answer to how we’ll webcast my session at Mix 07 on April 30, and all future conferences. Check one off the to-do list.”We are truly standing on the shoulders of giants.

Revolutionizing Live News?

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    Today’s tragic events at Virginia Tech University are horrifying and hard to grasp.  Like the rest of the world, the team here at is shocked and numb.  Our sympathies go out to the families   was featured tonight on CBS Nightly News showing a student LIVE and mobile at Virginia Tech streaming the events as they unfolded while being interviewed.   is also proud to support the efforts of Chris Pirillo and other citizen journalists who are taking to the Internet to discuss the day’s events and try to make sense of this terrible tragedy.          See the recorded broadcast of Chris’s 24/7 live coverage of the Virginia Tech events here:,Bbhi,w1w              

    Ustream will continue to provide a live video platform to anyone who wants to make their voice heard during this tragic time. 

    Please forward on!   For questions about, please email directly.

Best Regards,
Brad Hunstable