Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show 2016

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Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show

Connecting people through the power of live video technology is something we take very seriously here at Ustream. After all, by 2017 80% of all the world data will be video! But there is only one thing that we feel even more passionate about, and that is our love for dogs. At any given moment there are no less than 2 canines lounging around the Ustream office, and each one is treated as an equal member of the team. Even as we were in discussions with IBM, one thing was very clear. The dogs stay. Which is probably why the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show is truly the must watch event of the year. More than 2,000 dogs are vying for the ultimate title of best in show, and we all have our favorites.

The festivities kicked off Monday 2/15 at Madison Square Garden in New York City with the winners of the herding, non-sporting, toy and hound groups selected. Tonight we will learn who is the top dog in the sporting, working and terrier groups, leading up to the highly anticipated Best in Show announcement! And since an event this size entails far more action than can be captured on a single channel, the Westminster Kennel Club has dedicated 8 Ustream channels to bring you live action from every single ring.

Tune in LIVE tonight at 5:00 PST to learn who takes home Best in Show! 

A Brief History of Streaming Video

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Video is everywhere, and by 2017 80% of all the world data will be video. It feels like the world suddenly discovered live streaming, which is something we’ve been doing here at Ustream since 2007. In fact, don’t tell Periscope or Meercat, but live streaming on mobile devices isn’t even new. We introduced our first broadcast-capable apps for iOS and Android all the way back in 2009 (really!) and since then we’ve helped Fortune 500 companies launch new products, broadcast concerts from famous recording artists, help citizen journalists document events, and family members share special moment via live, on-the-scenes broadcasts.

Now don’t get us wrong … we’re very happy that live streaming is getting a lot of buzz and that everyone decided to join the party. We’d like to take a step back and show you a brief history of streaming video and how we got to where we are now!

A Brief History of Streaming Video


Live Demo: Getting Started with Ustream

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No matter what size your company is, it’s a no brainer that integrating live and recorded video into your communication strategy is the key to success. But where do you start? Luckily our technical Sales Engineer, Adam Pastana, is here to save the day and will walk you through getting started with Ustream, and cover the basics on how to quickly get up and running with the Ustream platform. This live demo will include:

  • Uploading and managing videos
  • Creating live streams
  • Scheduling events
  • Embedding the video player on your site
  • Understanding your viewership analytics

Leveraging Ustream as your all in one video solution is easier than you think! Join us live on Thursday, February 11th, 2016 @ 11am PST | 2pm EST


Ustream Align: Your Channel Page has a New Design

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We all know that the power of Ustream Align can help you streamline your internal communications while maintaining control of your sensitive data. So its no wonder that companies like Lyft, Slack & Pinterest turn to Ustream’s technology to make sure their entire company, both in house and remotely, stay connected and have access to the resources they need to be successful. It’s the obvious choice!

That’s why we revamped the Ustream Align channel page to make the experience for your viewers the best it can be, including responsive layout for high resolutions screens, easy switching between live and recorded videos and more information about the content they are watching.

Visit your Ustream Align channel page to check out the new look and let us know what you think. Stay tuned, more exciting features for your Ustream Align channels are coming soon!


Allstate Unleashes Mayhem at the SEC Championship Game

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Allstate claims that their insurance can protect you from “Mayhem” when it strikes, but what happens when the mayhem is controlled by your biggest football rival?

During the weeks leading up to the SEC Championship game, Allstate invited Crimson Tide and Gators fans to inflict Mayhem on their rivals with assistance from two conveyor belts, one massive shredder and a full tailgate set up complete with a charcoal BBQ, patio chairs, and an entire car. University of Alabama and the University of Florida fans battled it out on Twitter by voting for Mayhem to inflict destruction on their rivals by using the hashtag #ShredAlabama or #ShredFlorida and watched live on Ustream as the carnage unfolded.

“Mayhem continues to be an iconic figure, reminding college football fans to protect themselves from the uncertainties of game day mishaps,” said Pam Hollander, vice president of marketing for Allstate. “And while college football fans can’t control the outcome on the field, we’re excited to give them the opportunity to have an impact off the field and show their team passion leading up to one of the biggest college football match-ups of the year.”

In a partnership with long-time advertising agency partner, Leo Burnett, fans of both teams had the chance to watch the chaos live on Ustream in addition to joining the action on Twitter. With the exception of Saturday’s championship game, the #MayhemTweetOff featured no outside advertising, relying instead on social media, live stream broadcast and the participating schools to get the word out. Do you have an upcoming event that you would like to promote? Now is the time to call!


Content Delivery And The Demand for Scale

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There is no denying that the internet has ushered in a new age of media and forever changed the way we consume content. We have all felt the effects. Gone are the days that we turned on the television and flipped the dial to the rolling guide channel to see if there is anything to good to watch on TV, and instead we grab our tablets and connected home devices to check out what new movies or shows have been added to one of many OTT (Over-the-Top) subscription services. But as the platforms that audiences use to consume media expands, a new challenge also arises, which is the problem of delivering that content reliably and at scale.

As an individual Internet user, I expect the whole Internet ecosystem to adapt to the changing demand and follow the changes in the industry. As a business person running a company that uses the Internet, I expect my team and myself to constantly monitor our ecosystem, assess changes in demand, and adapt as quickly as possible. If I am responsible for governing the Internet, I have to try to understand the whole ecosystem end-to-end, big and small, and try to keep the interests of the public and businesses in mind when drafting rules. – Arpad Kun

What we are seeing now is tremendous pressure between the pace of change in how we are interacting with digital media in our everyday lives, coupled with the high expectations of reliability in the internet services we use daily. All this, while also navigating the existing ecosystem of players with special interests and a drive toward stricter governance (ISPs, legacy networks, content providers, aggregators, etc.). The issue of content delivery at scale is a larger problem that needs to be addressed at a fundamental level for the long term.

Arpad Kun, Senior Director of Network Operations at Ustream breaks down this issue in detail and offers solutions in his Medium post Content Delivery at the Crossroads: The Ever-increasing Demand for Scale“.

IBM Cloud Video Services: A Revolution in Streaming Video

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When Brad Hunstable created Ustream in 2007 he had a vision to connect people through live online video, and since then Ustream has been on the cutting edge of video technology. Meanwhile over at Clearleap, CEO Braxton Jarratt was developing a way for major media companies to stream their content to their online audience. Jump ahead to current day 2016 and what we’re seeing now is nothing less than another media revolution – and IBM is in the thick of it.

Revolution in Streaming Video

Ustream, along with Clearleap, Aspera & Cleversafe have been brought together to form the IBM Cloud Video Services unit, and the possibilities are endless. Clearleap offers cloud streaming services for companies such as HBO, NFL, Sony Movie Channel, Time Warner Cable and Verizon Communications. Ustream streams video to about 80 million viewers per month for customers including CBS News, PBS NewsHour, NASA and Samsung. The two companies complement each other. Clearleap focuses on the entertainment industry and stored content while Ustream focuses on live video. IBM Cloud Video Services also taps into technology IBM brought into the company through previous acquisitions. In 2014, IBM acquired Aspera, getting hold of technology that speeds large data transfers over broadband networks. Last November, IBM completed the Acquisition of Cleversafe, a developer of software and appliances that enable organizations to quickly store, manage and retrieve unstructured data.

Braxton Jarratt, General Manager, IBM Cloud Video Services believes that when you connect all of these capabilities, you’ve got a complete end-to-end cloud video streaming solution that includes an open platform for third-party developers, digital and visual analytics, and truly global delivery.

Learn more about the future of IBM’s cloud video technology

Leading 10 Strategies for Crafting a school Essay

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Leading 10 Strategies for Crafting a school Essay

Commence early. The greater time you’ve, the much less pressure you’re going to have. You will have a good deal of time to give the essay your very best effort and hard work. ? Be your self. Have a minute to think about what pursuits you, whatever you like to speak about, what helps make you sit up and require detect if it really is stated at school or on Television set. Then craft about it. A single of your most important flaws students make is “writing whatever they think others prefer to listen to, somewhat than about a concern, function, or man or woman that actually had importance for them,” says an admission and financial help officiat at a The big apple faculty. An essay like that isn’t just dull to write, it is boring to examine. Be straightforward. You happen to be working late, you cannot contemplate of what to write down, and a person e-mails you a heartwarming tale. With just a tweak right here and there, it could be a perfect essay, you believe. It is really that which you would’ve penned if you’d just experienced sufficient time. Never be fooled! Faculty admission officers have scan hundreds, even hundreds of essays. They’re masters at getting any kind of plagiarism. Adapting an e-mail story, purchasing an essay from some Online world internet page, getting another person to write your essay, admission persons have found everything. Don’t associated risk your university profession by getting the straightforward way out. ? Take a chance. Relating to the other hand, some perils pays off. Don’t settle for the essay that everyone else is creating. Imagine an admission officer up late, examining the fiftieth essay on the day, yours. Do you want that human being to nod off when you consider that he or she has now look at 10 essays on that subject? “The hazard lies not in composing negative essays but in writing ordinary essays, the a person that admission officers are likely to look at dozens of,” says an associate director at a Pennsylvania high school. “My assistance? Check with your buddies the things they are producing, and afterwards don’t generate about that!” Sustain in focus. This really is your chance to convey to admission officers just why they must confess you. Alas, some students seek to record each good reason, their stellar educational history, their athletic prowess, their neighborhood program, all in a very site or two. When that transpires, the essay looks like a grocery checklist. Look at the essay concern thoroughly and jot down just a few recommendations. Then determine the an individual that appears such as most fun to put in writing about. Stick to that primary topic all through the essay. You don’t have to record your achievements, that is just what the rest within the application is for. Utilize the essay within a resourceful technique to enable the admission officers reach know you to be a person. Be able to write and rewrite. You should not try and generate a masterpiece in your very first make an effort. You’ll find it impossible, and all of that strain is probably going to offer you writer’s block. For your personal 1st draft, create whatever that relates to brain about your topic. Do not be troubled way too substantially about grammar or spelling. Just get it down on paper (or computer system screen). Then enable it “rest” for any number of several hours or maybe a couple of days. Should you return towards draft, find methods of enable it to be a lot more focused and more suitable composed. Many people are “fat” writers: they compose prolonged, wordy first of all drafts that need to be shortened afterwards. People are “skinny” writers: they compose brief and straightforward earliest drafts and then should insert facts or illustrations to “flesh out” the skeleton. Either way, you should not be scared to help make significant improvements at this time. Are there details that do not definitely relate on the matter? Cut them. Do you need one additional example? Put it in. Here are two other factors to test, prompt by a person school counselor. • Take away the introductory and concluding paragraphs, and after that see if your essay appears to be more powerful. These paragraphs are often some of the most likely to acquire unwanted element. ? • Undergo the essay and slice out any “very” and every “many.” Phrases like these include obscure, along with your composing is often much better not having them. Obtain a 2nd view. Even best-selling novelists talk to other individuals to read through their manuscripts before they’re sent on the publisher. When you’ve got rewritten the essay in your gratification, look for somebody who may give you help and advice on how to allow it to be even better. Determine a person you regard and who is aware anything about crafting, a favourite English teacher, a mother or father, or perhaps good friend who writes for the university paper. Ask them to tell you what they like very best about your essay, and whatever you can do to enhance it. Criticism of your creating is challenging to listen to, but make sure to hear having an open intellect. You don’t have in order to make every last switch suggested, all things considered, it’s your essay and no person else’s, but you must severely start thinking about just about every suggestion. ? Proofread. Lastly, you might be prepared to mail your essay. Not so easily! Look over it in excess of a person much more time, interested in people modest errors which can creep in as you create or edit. For anyone who is implementing a pc, also run a spell check. Usually, it can be tough to catch slight typos-you’ve check out the essay a great many times that you simply see what must be there rather than what on earth is there. In order to make absolutely sure you capture the whole lot, check out looking through your essay out loud or having someone else browse through it out loud to you. Yet another system can be to check out the essay backward, through the previous sentence with the primary. Which makes it just unfamiliar a sufficient amount of for glitches to face out. ? Be exact. Implementing via the web might probably come to feel like you are sending e-mail, but you’re not. Make an effort no to apply informal e-mail language, incorrect capitalization or abbreviations like as BTW or “thanx,” that happen to be not suitable to a official document. Confirm your by going online essay represents the top of you. ? Really don’t assume very a lot from an essay. The appliance essay is very important, but it truly is not the one factor that may be regarded. “Can the essay generate a variance in becoming the ‘thin compared to thick’ envelope? Certainly,” says the brand new York director. “But http://termpapers-for-sale.com/ that is the exception quite than the rule.” That is on the grounds that admission officers look at the full deal, your academics, extracurricular activities, standardized checks, together with other reasons. A brilliant essay seldom will make up for the weak educational history. Around the other hand, a mediocre essay isn’t going to essentially consign your application with the “deny” list. So make your essay as well-written when you can, but don’t set a lot of tension on by yourself the relaxation belonging to the application fades in significance.

IBM Acquires Ustream: Behind the Acquisition

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In 2007, John Ham, Gyula Feher, and I started a small company called Ustream with the vision to help military service members around the world connect through the power of video.  As West Point graduates, John and I saw the unique challenges soldiers, sailors and airmen faced while deployed around the world. We teamed up with Dr. Gyula Feher to ultimately build Ustream into what it is today, a leading global video solution provider for live and on demand video.

Today I’m excited to announce the acquisition of Ustream by IBM.  This partnership was a natural choice as IBM is expanding its video portfolio offerings and Ustream has distinguished itself as a leader in video solutions for media and enterprises.

By 2017, 80% of all the world data will be video.  From programs on Netflix to videos on Facebook, this emotional medium has permeated our lives.   Businesses are becoming media companies as well, streaming everything from product launches (think Apple’s iPhone launch events), customer how-to videos, to CEO Townhalls.

IBM is in the midst of a massive transformation, placing the weight of its 400,000+ exceptional employees behind four strategic imperatives: Commerce, Analytics, Security and Cloud. For IBM, acquiring Ustream is a way to turbo-charge their Video strategy: Our technology and business model will become a foundation for the IBM Video Cloud organization to rally around the cloud. In combination with SoftLayer’s global footprint and IBM’s other global capabilities and extensive reach, I can’t think of an organization better suited to tackle this challenge.

Ustream built a world-class video product with a world-class video team.  Now, as an IBM company, we bring our technology solutions to the leader in enterprise and cloud.

I would like to extend my gratitude to Ted Wang and Kris Withrow from Fenwick & West and Mike Marquez from CODE Advisors for helping us finalize the deal.  Special thanks to Jason Kirkorian from DCM and Kahori Matsui from Softbank for believing in us and their continued support over the years.

And, of course, the most heartfelt thanks to our wonderful Ustream colleagues, current and former, who brought this vision to life.  I am truly humbled by your hard work, passion, and unwavering belief that video is the future.  

Thank you.





Brad Hunstable
Founder and CEO, Ustream

Unlock pay-per-view live streaming with Cleeng

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Cleeng and Ustream have always worked seamlessly in providing broadcasters with a fully-functional and dependable platform to deliver & monetize their content. Ustream’s robust and reliable video streaming service combined with Cleeng’s flexible pay-per-view solution are a match made in heaven. During the last two years over 40 different broadcasters have leveraged the power of our collaboration and have recorded more than 300 live streamed events using Ustream as their preferred platform. What makes broadcasters choose this service partnership?


The simplicity and quickness to broadcast high quality live content is valuable for broadcasters, and having a reliable partner that can coordinate and manage a live PPV event is beneficial for their brand, revenues and long term strategy. Cleeng was able to help the Mrs. United States pageant act quickly and set up the live stream via Ustream and create unique viewing offerings (one-time, multi-day passes) to leverage a proven pay-per-view solution with Cleeng.


Viewers want maximum flexibility and freedom to buy and consume content on the platforms they love most, whether that be mobile, smart TV or any streaming device. The challenge for the broadcaster is to integrate third-party solutions into their existing system as smooth as possible and offer diverse payment options in order to keep up with major competitors. Bashar Communications utilizes the flexibility provided by Ustream and Cleeng by offering live streaming video classes and recorded sessions via Ustream, while the authentication and billing is handled through Cleeng.

Positive ROI:

For many publishers, entering the premium content space is a big strategic leap. Choosing a proven platform cuts out the implementation costs and creates a solid base for growing revenues. The SaaS and PaaS capabilities of Ustream & Cleeng makes the live event deployment effortless. Horse Show Wire is a pay-per-view publisher that was in need of a SaaS solution to provide their audience with unique live shows and at the same time grow revenues. While evaluating alternatives and the options of building their own solution, they tested Cleeng and Ustream on a small-scale pilot event and were very happy with the results.

Live broadcasters are well aware that they need reliable technology partners to expand the market and grow their revenues. Working alongside live event specialists like Ustream and Cleeng is a no-brainer! Contact one of our account representatives and find out more.