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SXSW: Pics with the Geico Caveman

Amidst all the networking and the pitching and the running around that SXSW requires and all the craziness that ensues, you get these cerebral moments of zaniness that can only be explained in a series of a thousand words. So … Continue reading

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Digg Townhall: Lights! Camera! Cold Beer! Action!

Last night, a contingent of the Ustream.TV team was lucky enough to visit the Digg offices in San Francisco to set up the live stream for their first townhall. The blogsphere was buzzing up a blizzard for this momentous occasion, … Continue reading

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Class is in Session… Today’s Lesson: Ustream.TV

You can take it from me: the Ustream.TV team LOVES it when we catch educators and students finding creative ways to utilize the platform. Thanks to Ustreamer Xamas , the team celebrated a particularly unique, self-referential milestone in Ustream.TV academic … Continue reading

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2008 Complete Lunar Eclipse: How a Random Ustreamer Made My Night

Nothing is more boring that a Lunar Eclipse. You spend hours staring at a somewhat normal moon, your legs get tired, and whatever previous excitement you may have had quickly dwindles leaving you with nothing but strained eyes. Yet…a Lunar … Continue reading

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Changing The Face Of Education – History Channel, Ustream, Consource Make Live Interactive Lessons

Thousands of students around the world today tuned in to listen to Pulitzer Prize Winning Author David McCullough speak live about our nation’s first President and Commander In Chief, George Washington. To watch the full replay, please click here. This … Continue reading

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The Miracle of Birth: Daemondox Demonstrates Dachshund Delivery Dramatics

Ustreamer Daemondox yesterday demonstrated the power of live video broadcasting when he streamed his pet dachshund, Magic, giving birth to a litter of puppies. Around 50+ viewers had a chance to experience the thrill and miracle of birth, before 2 … Continue reading

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Barack, Rudy, and John: Election Season Heating Up at Ustream

As the presidential elections makes its steady march through the primaries, the viability of candidates take on a quantifiable momentum, producing breakthrough campaign activity both tragic and triumphant. Today, the Ustream community witnessed both extremes of the spectrum, live and … Continue reading

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Chuck Norris Virtual BBQ For Gov. Mike Huckabee

For those of you who haven’t heard, Chuck Norris is publicly supporting Gov. Mike Huckabee for President. This weekend to show his support for Huck, Chuck threw a virtual BBQ to help raise money for the Huckabee campaign. Supporters were … Continue reading

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Hannah Montana Bursts On To Ustream.TV

Wow. Ustream.TV experienced the phenomena of Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus first hand tonight. Thousands of fans from across the country came to Ustream to catch a glimpse and see the red carpet event for Miley’s new movie “HANNAH MONTANA … Continue reading

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Iowa Meets New Media: Candidates, Bloggers Go Live On Ustream.TV

Last night was one of the most active political nights I have ever seen on Ustream to date. The results of Iowa Caucuses came in throughout world of new media last night, and Ustream was no exception. Probably the most … Continue reading

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