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Bernadett Otterbein is Ustream's European Communications Specialist. She oversees the Hungarian office Communication and PR efforts, Social Media presence and CSR activity. For any questions:

Need a break? We’ll keep your room just as you left it!

Introducing the new Paused Pro Subscription feature Ok, so you got to the point where you are unsure whether you want to continue with your Pro Broadcasting plan. We understand. We can give you some space. But why start over … Continue reading

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Lady Gaga’s Last Show at the Roseland Attracts Little Monsters Across the US

Pop icon Lady Gaga performed her seventh and last show on Monday, April 7th at the Roseland Ballroom, one of New York City’s historic musical landmarks, which was set to close its doors after her performance. To mark the special … Continue reading

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The New Hungarian Ustream Office – Less Drab, More Glamour

On this week’s Tech Thursday blog, I will take you on a “behind the scenes” journey to show where the magic of Ustream happens. Ustream Hungary moved to an incredible, new office in the heart of Budapest and will now … Continue reading

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Hackathon Recap – 21 ideas, 11 teams, One goal!

On February 21st, 2014 the Hungarian Ustream office hosted its first internal hackathon. In the previous blog post (What the heck is Hackathon?) we talked about the premise and importance of this 24-hour coding contest, and how it brings people … Continue reading

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Never lose track of your audience with Email Capture

Have you heard the term ‘the money is in the list’? The phrase describes the relationship between email lists and internet marketing success. Having a list of dedicated fans and clients is the single most important asset any business can … Continue reading

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LiveAd – The Ultimate Game Changer for Advertisers

The future of online video advertising is changing before our eyes, as advertisers seek technology solutions to reach consumers in more interactive and engaging ways. Video ads in general are even more successful when live content is included, in comparison … Continue reading

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Live Playlists Lets You “Go Live” Longer

Ustream’s Live Playlists feature was launched last Spring by our Broadcaster Experience team, so that broadcasters could reuse previously recorded videos and schedule them to run as “live” content at specific times, or as continuous loops. The innovative feature is … Continue reading

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WE WON an AWWWard!

We’re proud to announce that Ustream’s Annual Report of 2013 has been selected as the Site of the Day by the jury. But, what is Awwwards exactly, and why do we care about winning this award? “The awards recognize … Continue reading

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What the Heck is Hackathon?

Did you know that Facebook’s Like button was conceived as part of a hackathon? Or that Twitter and GroupMe both originated in hackathons? Yes, many great companies and ideas have been born on through these special events, and I’m proud … Continue reading

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Put Yourself into the Director’s Chair with the New Ustream Producer 5

The live video production market is rapidly evolving and broadcasters need responsive tools that can keep pace with the changing industry. Consumer needs are constantly shifting in terms of video-consumption, which presents some adoption challenges for broadcasters. In response, Ustream … Continue reading

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