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Ustream Launches Partner Program for Content Partners

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Today we are announcing the launch of the Ustream Partner Program to extend revenue opportunities to content providers.

Ustream is the first live video provider to offer ad revenue sharing by integrating Google’s new Video API.  By working with Google, we are able to serve Google in-video ads and utilize Google’s robust backend for both analytics and payments.

Partners will also receive unique monetization tools from Ustream to include the ability to run on-demand mid-roll commercials into their streams.  Certain content partners like radio shows or conferences can run mid-rolls during the natural breaks in their program.

Our vision has always been to make live streaming a profitable activity.  Now our content partners can


generate real dollars and cents.  Some of our early partners have already felt the power of “the light bulb” going on.  This is about a long-term ongoing relationship with our content partners and we’re excited to take this first step.

Partners currently enrolled in the program include Fox News Radio, Soulja Boy, Chris Pirillo, and Shane Dawson.  The amount the broadcaster will earn is dependent on the size of their viewership for both live and recorded content.

Criteria that will be used for eligibility for the program include, but are not limited to, the size of the audience, country of residence, quality of content, and consistency with Ustream’s Community Guidelines and Terms of Service.  If the partner is accepted into the program, then they will receive a congratulatory notification email detailing further details to include payment frequency and more program details.  This program is available to content partners worldwide.

For more information and to enroll, visit

Product Launch: iPhone 3GS Recorder & the Media Stream!

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iPhone RecorderGet the iPhone 3GS Recorder

We’re excited to announce the launch of our Recording App for the iPhone 3GS, now available for free in the Apple App Store! We’ve also added a new product to the site called the “Media Stream” that provides a real-time stream of tagged videos.

iPhone 3GS Recorder Application

The iPhone Recorder can syndicate videos to five points, maximizing viewership for iPhone videos: Ustream, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and Ustream on Facebook. The application allows users to record and store videos in high quality, even when not connected to the internet or on the 3G network.

Media Stream

The Media Stream provides broadcasters with the ability to aggregate content on their show page from other Ustream users, based on a certain topic (hashtag). For example imagine you’re watching a conference stream with the hashtag “#CoolConference”, and someone in the crowd just uploaded a video from their iPhone and put “#CoolConference” in the video title. That video would pop up below the player you are watching – in the Media Feed – allowing you to see an entirely different part of the conference.

Each show has a hashtag associated with it – all a user needs to do to send a video to that show is include the show’s hashtag in their video title (example: Teaching my dog some tricks! #doggycam). The broadcaster can edit their hashtag from the “Your Shows” page under “Media Stream”.

The broadcaster can accept videos from everyone and manually approve them for his show page, or the broadcaster can approve certain users ahead of time so that their videos will go straight to the Media Stream. This is managed from the “Your Shows” page under “Media Stream”.

A new section has been added directly below the player on the show page that displays the newest videos in the Media Stream. When new videos are recorded they will appear in the Media Stream in real time, allowing viewers to quickly find them.


Spice Up Your Show Page with Themes!

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Your show page has never looked better! We’ve added ten brand new and fully decked out themes for your show page. In addition the “Design” page has been simplified – now making it easier than ever to customize to your personal style. If that’s not enough, you can even import your Twitter background to your Ustream show with just a few clicks!

Show Page Theme

To view the themes click on “Your Shows” and the “Design” tab. Here you can view the ten themes as well as choose a custom background or define the colors for your show page. (To import your Twitter background click “Choose Background Image” and then “Import from Twitter”)

Design Page

Check it out! Your theme is waiting!

“Ustream on Facebook” Expands Live Video to Social Networks

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We’re excited to announce today a big step for Ustream: the availability of a new “Ustream on Facebook” program that offers artists and brands the opportunity to provide live streaming video with the Facebook Live Stream Box integrated within Facebook Pages. This enables new ways for artists and brands to engage their fans in direct dialogue. The Ustream on Facebook experience was first pioneered with a trio of Jonas Brothers events celebrating the release of “Lines, Vines and Trying
Times” earlier this month, which received enthusiastic fan response. Some stats from the May 28 webcast:

· 1.5 million unique posts were made via Facebook Live Feed
· 23K average posts per minute
· More than 100K users joined the webcast after seeing their friend’s comment on Facebook
· 974K total unique viewers watched the one hour webcast
· Ustream reports the Jonas Brothers webcast on Facebook surpassed the largest live video event they have hosted for any music artist

Artists who have a Facebook Page can activate a live audience on a
live tab within their profile, and viewers have an easy experience
because they can stay on Facebook to participate in the live video

“Millions of people watch high quality live streaming from major
brands and events on Ustream,” said Josh Elman, Platform program
manager, Facebook. “We’re excited that they can now interact with
their Facebook friends while watching an integrated Ustream and
Facebook Live Stream experience on Facebook Pages and in the future on using Facebook Connect.”

“The Jonas Brothers events proved to us that providing the technology
that enables fans to connect with each other and their favorite
artists is a very powerful experience for everyone involved,” said
John Ham, Ustream founder and CEO. “We look forward to delivering
similar events for artists who want to connect with their fans in a
turnkey way.”

For more information visit; to apply, go to

Best, John

Ustream’s Puppycam wins Webby Award in NYC

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In October of 2008, 6 Shiba Inu puppies went live on Ustream and 8 months later they’ve attracted over 18 million unique viewers for a total of over 800 viewing years which makes them “the most watched video in the history of the internet.”

Last week, the Puppycam also won a Webby Award. See the Puppycam video here: Puppycam video See the 5-word acceptance speech here: 5-word acceptance speech

Unfortunately, the Shiba family and pups could not make the trip to NYC. It would have been fun. Anyhow, here’s to congratulating Puppycam on another amazing accomplishment in internet history!

Undoubtedly, they are the most popular dogs (no longer pups) on the internet.

Best, John

Plastic Action Figure Caught Painting a Portrait of Squirrel

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Its well known that artists have it rough. No glamour until death, little work, and the stress of getting paid for being creative boring down on them at all times. Its only the few who are unique and catch the media’s attention that are successful.

Meet Davinci. Davinci is a plastic action figure. His arms can’t move, he has no internal organs, and his paint isn’t even real. Yet still, through pure dedication and passion,  he has been able to overcome adversity. Divinci runs a high class portrait service for squirrels right from a strangers back patio. Pictured below is Davinci painting yet another happy customer.

Best of all, Davinci broadcasts on Ustream for the world to watch.

If you think you’ve captured a better Ustream moment – link to it in the comments. The best one will be announced tomorrow!

The Davinci/Squirrel Cam Partners with Ustream!

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Today we are announcing the channel on Ustream, which
features breaking news coverage several times everyday– presidential
press conferences, Congressional hearings, and online-only content and
on-air programs such as the CBS Evening News with Katie Couric. We’re
excited about delivering this live breaking news.

Check out the channel on Ustream at

The Fresh New Ustream

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We’re thrilled to unveil some big changes on Ustream! With months in the making and informed primarily by our community’s feedback, we are sharing these changes with you. Aimed at increasing the ability to discover content, improving interaction in chat and social networks, and enabling broadcast highlights, we view these changes as the foundation for new improvements to come.

We’re excited about our new design and functionality, and look forward to your valuable feedback. (Click here to see what one of our users, Chris Pirillo, had to say about our changes.) Thank you to our community that has helped us become home to some of the richest and best live content on the web since our launch in March 2007!

Here’s a short summary of a few of our new changes.

Discovering content

Aggregating an audience quickly is important for live broadcasts. To solve this we’ve integrated features that alert audiences, allowing broadcasts to amass viewers quickly and easily.

• Similar to status updates on Twitter or Facebook, broadcasters can update their Ustream status when they go live. By answering the question “What are you broadcasting?” users will be able to easily and quickly let others know what they’re streaming. These updates appear throughout Ustream and can be sent to Twitter to reach friends and followers. (For example: If you set your status update to “Showing off my new puppies!”, viewers searching for puppies will quickly find you).

• We have added categories to the Ustream header. This allows viewers looking for specific content, such as music streams, to find relevant broadcasts with one click. Each broadcaster has the power to choose the category that best fits his or her live broadcast. This provides viewers with an easier way to find content at a glance within these category buckets.

• For the first time, we’ve implemented the ability to create highlights from recorded videos. This allows viewers or broadcasters to quickly and easily identify interesting moments within recorded videos, title them, and then share them across Ustream and across their own network.

Audience Interaction

We’ve improved our chat, allowing for additional interactivity and simpler moderation.

• Broadcasters now have the ability to choose to use a social stream or chat to interact with audiences. We are launching a new feature — Social Stream — that allows broadcasters to interact with their friends and followers on Twitter in real time. Previously this was only available to users such as Ashton Kutcher, P Diddy, and Miley Cyrus.

• Follow people quickly – Simply click a username in the audience member list and click “Follow”. This allows for communities to grow quickly, friends to stay connected, and for two-way relationships to occur.

• Additional chat moderation tools, such as Time Out, Kick, or Ban, allow for greater control and more relevant dialogue.

• Our chat now has Slow Mode and Pause, which can slow temporarily pause the chat if messages are coming too fast.

We welcome your feedback! Enjoy the new Ustream!

Ustream partners with Katalyst Media

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Today, Ustream announces a partnership with Katalyst Media. Katalyst Media is an innovative media company founded by Ashton Kutcher and Jason Goldberg that produced MTV’s Punk’d, Beauty and the Geek, and the movie The Butterfly Effect to name a few.

We’re excited to be working with Ashton, Jason, and the Katalyst Team. We’re looking forward to both the journey as well as the common vision of bringing new media experiences to the web.

Ashton shares Twitter race win on Ustream

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Tonight, Friday April 17th, 2009 at approximately 10:45 pm PT Ashton turned on Ustream to mobilize his Twitter follower base as well as to share in both the race leading up to one million as well as the celebratory moment that followed. Many gathered to share the moment together.

In case you missed it, the recording is at

It showed that as moments happen in our lives that if we care to share, we now can. Thanks to Ashton for sharing the moment.

Congratulations to Ashton Kutcher for being the first person on Twitter to reach 1 million followers!

Ashton Kutcher wins Twitter race on Ustream