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Introducing the new Paused Pro Subscription feature

Ok, so you got to the point where you are unsure whether you want to continue with your Pro Broadcasting plan. We understand. We can give you some space. But why start over from scratch when you realize that you do need some Ustream in your life?

On Wednesday, April 16 the Ustream development team released the Pause Subscription Feature for Pro broadcasting package users.

From now on, if you would like to cancel your subscription, we will also offer you the option to pause it instead. Contrary to cancelling, pausing will save all your settings, and keep your recorded video content and data. Think of it as hibernation; who knows, your channel might be the Captain America of live video broadcasting.

pause subscription.png

We noticed that many users that subscribe to use our service for a one-time event come back frequently. We decided to test our assumption that this feature would be used widely. We ran a three week test, which proved our hypothesis that there was a clear need for this feature.

Here are some of the neat little details:
– Users can pause their subscription up to 3 months, which lets them keep all their videos with unlimited storage.
– The subscription will resume automatically after 3 months, unless it selected to resume earlier. The Pro Broadcasting features of the current plan will be reactivated and will be billed for the actual month of the plan. Users will receive an email notice 48 hours prior, so they can always cancel their subscription if they want.
– Cost of this service is only $9.99 billed monthly, with no additional fees.
– After pausing, users can broadcast without ads until the end of the current billing period, as long as they have not used their ad-free viewer hours included in the plan. If overages exist for the paused time, fees will be billed for that time.

Wait, there’s more!

While we were at it, we also rolled out the new Pro Overview page at the same time to make it more user friendly.

Screenshot- Pause.png

We value our users feedback, so if you have something on your mind don’t keep it to yourself. Send us your thoughts to our Product Manager @sgergely

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