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Check out the PS4 in (U)streaming Action at TGS

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The Tokyo Game Show just kicked off, and we’ve got the first look at the PS4 in action. Over the next four days, gamers will be playing Capcom’s Deep Down, utilizing the streaming capabilities baked into the console. Check it out here:

Tokyo Game Show 2013 Live on Ustream




Back to Basics — What’s the appeal of (U)streaming for gamers?

While at E3, I asked a significant number of gamers about their thoughts on streaming, particularly their reasoning behind choosing one platform over another.  In essence, I basically asked them, “Why aren’t you streaming your games on Ustream?”  That question got a lot of answers — some legitimate relating to established fan bases, while others commented along the lines of Platform bashing.  Continue reading

Uber: The Next Amazon?

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Today at Ustream HQ, we hosted one of our weekly webinars in our studio. However, this one was more NPR-style, as our CEO, Brad Hunstable, chatted with Altimeter analyst, Jeremiah Owyang, about the collaborative economy. Times have changed and new companies have emerged and thrived under this model. Uber has made quite the name for itself; in fact, they may even be on pace to be the “next Amazon.” Check out more here:

Video streaming by Ustream

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